The 7 Best Deer Feeder In 2017 – Reviews & Buyer Guide

Locating The Overall Best Deer Feeder For The Money

How would you like to be able to ensure you’re always able to find deer when you go out hunting? One of the best ways to bring this dream to fruition is by investing in the best deer feeder. This product will give you the ability to keep the deer in a specific area by keeping them fed. When attempting to invest in a deer feeder, you will need to consider a variety of factors, including price, usability, and overall performance. Below, you will find reviews that will analyze these characteristics for several specific feeders.

#1 American Hunter Sun Slinger Kit Feeder Kit with Solar Charger

American Hunter Sun Slinger Kit Feeder Kit with Solar Charger

American Hunter Sun Slinger Kit Feeder Kit with Solar Charger


It doesn’t matter, if you are looking to replace your existing feeder because you are not happy with its performance or because it broke down, you have to check out the American Hunter Sun Slinger Kit Feeder Kit. This American Hunter is truly and amazing and innovative feeder that will impress even the most experienced hunters.

Easily Mounts To Any Type Of Barrel

The Sun Slinger feed comes equipped with arms that will allow it to attach to any type of barrel. Not only do the arms make the barrel a universal fit, but also it makes the device incredibly easy to install.

Solar Power

Another unique feature that comes along with the Sun Slinger is the solar ability. Installed inside the feeder you will find a 6-volt battery and a solar panel. The solar panel is designed to trickle charge that 6-volt battery. This is an extremely handy feature if you are going to be installing the device in the woods where you won’t have access to it every day. The solar panel will keep the battery charged and you won’t have to worry about checking on it.

Easy To Adjust Control Panel

Installed on the opposite end of the solar panel, you will find a 4-button control panel. This easy to use control panel allows users to select the amount of feed that they want to distribute, and the days when they want to distribute the feed. The control panel is extremely easy to use and even the most novice of users won’t have a problem master it.

Notable Specifications

  • Easy to adjust controls
  • Solar power capabilities
  • Easily mounts to any type of barrel
  • Includes all the mounting hardware

Overall Assessment

For whatever reason you need to replace your existing feeder, the Sun Slinger is certainly a new and improved alternative. With color features and easy to use controls the device offers tons of benefits.

#2 Zenature Deer And Livestock Feeder

Deer and Livestock Feeder By Zenature

Deer and Livestock Feeder By Zenature


If you are an avid deer hunter, you are probably always working on new ways to entice deer to a specific area. Many hunters will utilize deer musk, while others will rely on mating calls. Whatever the case might be, you should consider enticing them with food. The Zenature Deer and Livestock Feeder is exactly what you need to hold the food and keep it off the ground. The feeder has a manger style design, so it will envelop into the outdoors very easily.

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Easy To Clean

The great benefit of the Zenature Feeder is it offers an easy cleanup. The bottom of the feeder is removable, so you can detach it from the feeder and spray it down with water. The white pine wood will withstand extended exposure to the elements. You can easily spray the feeder off with a water hose or scrub it down with a stiff brush to remove the tree sap and dirt.

Versatile Design

The manger style design allows for many different applications. In fact, you can utilize the feeder for an herb garden, gnome village or flowerpot. Just add a coat of varnish or paint to enhance the feeder’s appearance.

Easy Assembly Process

The Zenature Feeder will arrive unassembled, so you will need to assemble it before the first use. Luckily, the assembly is extremely easy and quick, without the need for any hand tools. The assembly process does not require nails or screws, since all the pieces just slide and connect together. Whether you are a teenager or senior citizen, you will be able to manage the assembly process.

Notable Specifications

  • Weighs roughly 17 pounds
  • No tools or screws required for assembly
  • Constructed from white pine
  • Extremely versatile
  • Bottom is removable for easy cleaning
  • Manufactured in the United States

Overall Assessment

The Zenature Deer and Livestock Feeder will last for many years, thanks to its heavy-duty construction. Whether you are looking for a unique planter or a livestock feeder, you will find this brand suitable for your needs and preferences.

#3 Moultrie 30 Gallon Easy-Lock Tripod Deer Feeder

Moultrie 30 Gallon Easy-Lock Tripod Deer Feeder

Moultrie 30 Gallon Easy-Lock Tripod Deer Feeder


If you are looking for a deer feeder that is not only easy to use, but also easy to fill, you need to check out the Moultrie Tripod Deer Feeder. Standing less than 6-feet tall the device doesn’t even require a ladder to fill. This device was truly designed with durability and convenience in mind.

Fast And Easy To Assemble

If you are carrying a heavy feed into the deep of the woods to install the last thing you want is to have to make several trips bringing is different tools to assemble the device. That is something that you will not have to worry about with the Moultrie Tripod Deer Feeder. This device is extremely easy to install and it doesn’t even require any tools whatsoever.

Easy To Access Control Panel

The control panel, which controls the feeding schedule, is very easy to access. Users won’t have a problem accessing the panel and setting up their schedule. Along with this, the control panel is installed in a weather resistant box, which will protect it against the toughest of the weather elements. This is a handy feature because you never know what the weather will be like in the woods.

Programmable Digital Timer

Installed inside the control panel users will find a digital timer. This handy little timer allows users to program a set schedule of feeding. Users can choose to feed 6 times a day if they choose to do so. This is an excellent feature because once the programming is successfully setup you can walk away from the device with confidence and know that it is going to feed your deer.

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Notable Specifications

  • Programmable digital timer allows users to program the feeding schedule
  • Easy to access control panel, which is stored in a weather resistant box
  • Assemble without any tools
  • Easy setup and installation

Overall Assessment

If you need a deer feeder that can provide durability, reliability, and convenience, you need to check out the Moultrie Tripod Deer Feeder. No ladder is required to load the feeder and no tools required during the setup process.

#4 Rednek Redneck Outdoors T-Post Gravity Feeder

Redneck Outdoors T-post Gravity Feeder

Redneck Outdoors T-post Gravity Feeder


If you are looking for a unique livestock feeder, you should look no further than the Rednek Redneck Outdoors T-Post Gravity Feeder. Now, this feeder is designed with the redneck hunter or wildlife lover in mind, because the top portion replicated an ordinary trashcan. This is gravity feeder, so wildlife will be able to eat until their heart is content. However, you should still expect a little moisture to penetrate inside the feeder, but not enough to cause mold growth.

Easy Refill

The Rednek Feeder is extremely easy to feed, just remove the lid and fill. The lid snaps in place, so if there it is a storm it will not become dislodged from the feeder. This design will also keep the feed dry and protected from the elements. The deer will be more enticed by the fresh supply of food than by food than has been exposed to the elements.

Heavy Duty Construction

As mentioned above the Rednek Feeder is designed to replicate a traditional garbage can. The feeder is actually constructed out of polyethylene, so it will endure the test of time. A downspout, with a large opening allows the deer to access the feed and as the deer eats the feed, the opening will refill as needed to keep a fresh supply available at all times.

Notable Specifications

  • Constructed out of polyethylene
  • Holding capacity – 80 pounds
  • Adjustable feeding tube from 34 to 60-inches
  • V-groove in back to attach to a T-post
  • Easy refill
  • Weight – 10 pounds
  • Maintenance free design

Overall Assessment

Rednek Redneck Outdoors T-Post Gravity Feeder is a wildlife enthusiast’s dream. The great benefit of the feeder is it requires little to no maintenance. Just refill and watch the deer munch down on fresh corn. Installing the feeder onto a T-post is extremely easy, thanks to the V-groove built into the back panel.

#5 Moultrie 6.5 Gallon Pro Hunter Hanging Feeder

Moultrie 6.5 Gallon Pro Hunter Hanging Feeder

Moultrie 6.5 Gallon Pro Hunter Hanging Feeder


Any deer hunter will tell you that the key to success is preparation. The better prepared to more likely your chances of success. You need to scout your hunting grounds and draw in your prey with corn, but how are you going to accomplish this? You can’t go into the woods everyday and spread corn all over your hunting grounds. This is where a good feeder can come in handy and the Moultrie Pro Hunter Hanging Feeder is the perfect solution to your problem. This hanging device is capable of dispensing just about any type of pelletized food.

Doesn’t Waste Food

Unlike other feeders the Moultrie 6.5 Gallon Pro Hunter Hanging Feeder doesn’t waste a drop of food. You can setup a schedule to have the device feed up to 6 times a day. The handy programmable schedule not only prevents you from wasting food, but it prevents you from attracting unwanted varmint to the feeding site.

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Notable Specifications

  • Built-in varmint guard and spin plate
  • Camouflage bucket keeps the device hidden
  • Don’t waste a drop of food with the programmable schedule

Overall Assessment

The bucket that houses the feed is coated in camouflage paint to keep in well hidden from other creatures. However, if raccoons or squirrels try to access the device they won’t have much success thanks to the varmint guard and metal spin plate. If you are looking to get an edge on your prey and be prepared for the hunting season, you have to check out the Moultrie 6.5 Gallon Pro Hunter Hanging Feeder.

#6 TQ Outdoor Products Deer Feeder

Deer Feeder 225lb Capacity Rust-Proof Steel TQ225 Gravity Game Feeder

Deer Feeder 225lb Capacity Rust-Proof Steel TQ225 Gravity Game Feeder


If you are on the market for a deer feeder, with a varmint proof design, you should look no further than the TQ Outdoor Products Deer Feeder. This feeder is designed to keep the feed dry and the varmints out. The maximum holding capacity is 225 pounds, so you don’t have to worry about refilling more often than necessary.

Galvanized Steel Construction

The TQ Outdoor Products Feeder is constructed out of galvanized steel to ensure durability and longevity. The steel will not rust or corrode, even after years of exposure to the elements. Even the downspout and legs are constructed out of steel, so you will never have to worry about replacing it.

Notable Specifications

  • Collapsible design
  • Galvanized steel construction
  • Varmint proof
  • Gravity feeder

Overall Assessment

The TQ Outdoor Products Deer Feeder is the last feeder you will ever have to buy. The galvanized steel construction will ensure an extended service life for both you and deer living in the vicinity.

#7 Capsule Game Feeders Wildlife Feeder

250 Lb Capsule Game Feeder - Feed Deer, Horses, Hogs, Sheep, and Goats

250 Lb Capsule Game Feeder – Feed Deer, Horses, Hogs, Sheep, and Goats


Whether you are trying to feed the neighborhood deer or you are trying to lure in your prey, you can’t go wrong with the Capsule Game Feeders Game Feeder. This handy feeder is capable of holding 250 pounds of corn at one time and dispersing it over a set schedule.

Sits On The Ground

This device sits right on the ground to provide easy filling and installation purposes. However, you don’t have to worry about hogs or deer tipping the device over, because the 18-wheeler tire base provides a tough, immovable base.

Notable Specifications

  • Installed inside an 18-wheeler tire to prevent tipping
  • Hog, raccoon, and cattle proof
  • Holds up to 250 pounds of feed
  • Lifetime warranty

Overall Assessment

With this genius design and the lifetime warranty the Capsule Game Feeders Capsule Game Feeder will make a great addition to any farm, home, or hunting ground.


The best deer feeder can be a good way to keep deer nearby. These products should offer total convenience, while providing the deer with a delicious snack on their own. While there are many excellent deer feeders on the market, it is pertinent to realize that only one will be right for your individualistic needs. By using the deer feeder reviews found above, you should have a much better chance of making the right choice.


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