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The 6 Best 5.25 Inch Car Speakers In 2017 – Reviews & Buyer Guide

Best 5.25 Inch Car Speakers
Best 5.25 Inch Car Speakers

Exploring The Best 5.25 Inch Car Speakers In The World

Are you the type of individual, who likes cruising down your block while listening to your favorite music? In order to make sure that you look cool, you’ll need to trick out your vehicle’s audio system. It is absolutely essential to equip your vehicle with a good bass speaker and some great audio speakers. For many consumers, finding the best 5.25 inch car speakers will be the right decision. These speakers are smaller than many of the others and therefore will prove to be a great choice for certain automobiles. Of course, there are numerous factors to take into consideration when looking for these types of speakers.

You’ll need to consider RMS and peak power. Plus, you’ll need to consider your budget. Below, you will discover comprehensive reviews for the best 5.25 inch car speakers on the market. As long as you choose one of these products, you will be able to sleep soundly at night knowing you’ve spent your money wisely.

#1 Pioneer TS-A1376R A-Series 5.25” 300W 3-Way Speakers

Pioneer TS-A1376R A-Series 5.25" 300W 3-Way Speakers
Pioneer TS-A1376R A-Series 5.25″ 300W 3-Way Speakers


When you feel that it is time to trade those failing speakers in, you should consider updating with the Pioneer TX-A1376R A-Series 5.25” 300W 3-Way Speakers. These audio speakers are capable of producing up to 300 watts of power, with 50 watts of nominal power. There is no doubt that these speakers will enhance your car audio speaker like no other, which will be music t your ears.

Cone Woofer Design

The embedded cone woofer is designed with multilayer Mica, which is very commonly utilized in speaker systems. This material is layered to offer flexibility, insulation, resiliency and elasticity. The woofer plays a huge role in the speaker’s operation and capable of producing low frequency sounds. In order to get the most out of the speakers, you will need to break them in. In fact, former and current users are saying that it takes about 30 minutes a day for about 3 weeks to get them to open up fully.

Optimal sounds

When it comes to an audio speaker system, drivers expect nothing but the best. Well, that is exactly what they will get from the Pioneer TS-A1376R Speakers. The tweeter has been redesigned to deliver improved range of mid to high frequencies. The embedded tweeter will produce optimized sound, even when the volume is maxed out.

Notable Specifications

  • Delivers deeper bass and crisp, clear sounds
  • Tweeter has been redesigned to offer deliver optimized sound
  • Updated cosmetic design for more eye appeal
  • RMS 30 watts
  • Circumference is embedded with mounting holes

Overall Assessment

The Pioneer TS-A1376R A-Series 5.25” 300W 3-Way Speakers will produce a deep bass and clear highs. The sound quality is absolutely amazing, when considering its price tag. The installation process is extremely easy, but this will depend on the installer’s expertise.

#2 Rockford Fosgate R1525X2 Prime 5.25-Inch Full Range Coaxial Speaker

Rockford Fosgate R1525X2 Prime 5.25-Inch Full Range Coaxial Speaker - Set of 2
Rockford Fosgate R1525X2 Prime 5.25-Inch Full Range Coaxial Speaker – Set of 2


It doesn’t matter if you are building your very first speaker system or you are just simply replacing some burnt out speakers, Rockford Fosgate is name that is trusted and respected in the audio world. Year after year, they have designed and created marvelous speakers that just continue to impress time after time. All their same hard work and dedication went into the creation of the Rockford Fosgate R1525X2 Prime 5.25-Inch Full Range Coaxial Speaker. These speakers are tremendous and easily one of the best 5.25-inch car speakers available on the open market.

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Everything You Need Is Included

Have you ever noticed that most of the time when you start a project you have to make several trips to the hardware store, because the manufacturer didn’t include everything you needed in the package? That is something that you will never have to worry about with these amazing speakers, because everything you could possible need is included right in the package. Grilles and mounting hardware is included for every speaker that you purchase.

Polypropylene Cone

A feature that makes the speakers excel amongst the completion is the fact that the cones are constructed of a polypropylene material. This uniquely designed cone enables the speaker to carry a punchy sound will providing quick transitions from note to note. In addition to this the rubber speaker surround assist allows the cones to move more freely.

Notable Specifications

  • Very affordable speakers
  • Polypropylene cone provides a more unique sound
  • Rubber surround assist allows the cone to move more freely
  • Includes everything needed to install and mount speakers
  • Full range speaker rated at 40W RMS
  • High-pass crossover

Overall Assessment

If you are looking to build your first sound system or simply replace your currently burned out speakers, you cannot go wrong with the affordable Rockford Fosgate R1525X2 Prime 5.25-Inch Full Range Coaxial Speaker.

#3 BOSS AUDIO CH5530 Chaos Exxtreme 5.25″ 3-way 225-watt Full Range Speakers

BOSS AUDIO CH5530 Chaos Exxtreme 5.25" 3-way 225-watt Full Range Speakers
BOSS AUDIO CH5530 Chaos Exxtreme 5.25″ 3-way 225-watt Full Range Speakers


Building a stereo system for your vehicle can be fun and exciting. However, there are times when it can also be stressful if you are on a budget. Sometimes your budget probably restricts you from investing in the very best product on the market. However, if you are looking for the best possibly quality performance at an affordable price, you need to check the innovative BOSS AUDIO CH5530 Chaos Exxtreme 5.25″ 3-way 225-watt Full Range Speakers. The speakers are truly capable of providing a performance and standard that can only be found on the most expensive speakers on the market.

Mylar Tweeter

When it comes to tweeters possibly the best tweeter available on the market is Mylar Tweeter, and that is what can be found inside the BOSS AUDIO CH5530 Speakers. The reason that the Mylar Tweeter stands so far out from the competition is that it has a wider variance of sound modification and channel handling. Also, the Mylar Tweeters are much more durable than paper cones, because they do not rip and tear when placed under extreme conditions.

Notable Specifications

  • 225-Watts maximum power
  • 3-year warranty included with purchase
  • Mylar tweeters
  • New designed voice coil provides off the charts performance
  • Foam surround provides more support for the cone
  • Poly injected cone

Overall Assessment

With these BOSS AUDIO Speakers, it doesn’t matter if you are on a tight budget, because these speakers can provide performance like the most expensive speakers available on the market.

#4 Pyle PL53BL 5.25 Inch 200-Watt Three-Way Speakers

Pyle PL53BL 5.25-Inch 200-Watt Three-Way Speakers (Pair)
Pyle PL53BL 5.25-Inch 200-Watt Three-Way Speakers (Pair)


Are you looking for exceptionally cheap speakers that can still deliver an amazing sound quality? If so, you truly cannot lose with the Pyle PL53BL Speakers. While these speakers are surprisingly cheap, they’ll prove to be a good investment for the majority of consumers. In fact, they could easily satisfy even the pickiest of audiophiles.

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Everything Included

One of the best features of the Pyle PL53BL is the fact that it includes everything you could ever need. While many speakers do not come with the grills, these speakers do! At the same time, they include the necessary wires and mounting hardware. The combination ensures you’ll be able to install the speakers in your automobile as soon as they arrive at home. And of course, you will not have to worry about purchasing anything else!

Notable Specifications

  • Marine certified speakers
  • Shallow depth, with multi-hole mounting pattern for easy installation
  • ¾” Liquid-cooled silk-polymer composite dome tweeter
  • Peak handling power – 360 watts per pair
  • RMS – 120 watts per pair
  • Lightweight design
  • Deep bass

Overall Assessment

The Polk Audio DB571 5” X 7” Coaxial Speakers are the perfect solution to a failing audio speaker system. The liquid-cooled silk polymer composite dome tweeter will definitely endure the test of time, while delivering the highest frequencies possible.

#5 Alpine SPS-510 5.25” Audio Speakers

SPS-510 5.25" 2-way Car Audio Speakers (Pair)
SPS-510 5.25″ 2-way Car Audio Speakers (Pair)


Alpine has proven itself to be one of the most respectable manufacturers of audio speakers. While these speakers are definitely budget friendly, they’ll blow your socks off in terms of audio quality. The speakers are capable of taking a lot of abuse, before breaking down and needing replaced. Plus, the exterior portion of the speaker features a very sleek appearance, so they’ll look great once installed inside of your vehicle. What makes these speakers better than their competitors? You’ll find out below!

RMS And Peak Power Handling

In order to ensure you’re able to get a great sound, it is essential to make your speakers with your system’s power setting. The SPS-510 is very versatile and will work exceptionally well with an assortment of systems. This is the case, because these speakers can handle a great deal of power. Together, they can handle 340 watts of peak power. At the same time, they can tolerate 110 watts of power continuously. With these speakers, you will be able to crank up the power, without experiencing too much static.

Impedance And Frequency Response

It is also important to pay close attention to speaker’s impedance and frequency response. With the Alpine SPS-510, you will receive a speaker with 4-ohms of impedance. In terms of the frequency response, these speakers can handle a range extending from 80 Hz to 22 kHz. This combination ensures that these speakers will be able to produce beautiful sounds across the board. Whether you’re a fan of hip-hop, rock, or jazz, you can guarantee these speakers will satisfy!

Notable Specifications

  • Handles RMS power of 110 watts
  • Can handle 340 watts of peak power
  • Features an impedance of 4-ohms
  • Offers a frequency response ranging from 80Hz to 22kHz
  • Tweeters offer more than 10 degree of swivel
  • Sensitivity rating of 87dB

Overall Assessment

If you’re a fan of Alpine, you will absolutely love the company’s SPS-510 Speakers. While these speakers are very affordable, they’ll still deliver a brilliant and crisp sound. They work exceptionally well for all genres of music and will be sure to get attention from those nearby. For the money, they’re definitely well worth it!

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#6 Kicker 41DSC54 5.25 Inch Speakers

Kicker 41DSC54 5.25" 2-Way Speaker Pair
Kicker 41DSC54 5.25″ 2-Way Speaker Pair


There are many excellent speakers on the market and many of the best are manufactured by Kicker. Just take a look at the company’s 41DSC54 Speakers. They’re affordable, versatile and capable of handling a substantial amount of power. Plus, they’re much easier to install than many of the alternatives. These speakers are capable of perfectly replicating sounds across a wide frequency range and will definitely put a smile on any audiophile’s face. These speakers will be examined in greater depth below.

Power Handling

It is absolutely essential to look at the speaker’s power handling capabilities, so you can guarantee that you do not overload them. This will not be a problem with these speakers from Kicker. The speakers can handle a maximum peak power limit of 200 watts. At the same time, they can easily accept 50 watts of power consistently. This combination ensures you can flood these speakers with noise, without having to worry about damaging your speakers.

Other Features

While you’re at it, you should realize that these speakers feature an acoustic foam surround. This ensures you’ll get a beautiful sound and the durability that you desire. The speakers offer an enormous frequency response range between 45 and 20,000 Hz. This guarantees you’ll be provided with beautiful highs, lows, and middle tones. They also have a sensitivity rating of 90dB. Finally, these speakers are protected by a 1-year limited warranty.

Notable Specifications

  • 4 ohms impedance
  • Protected by a 1-year warranty
  • Sensitivity rating of 90dB
  • Capable of handling 200 watts of peak power
  • Can handle 100 watts of power continuously
  • Acoustic-foam surround is built to last
  • Thin profile makes installation somewhat easier

Overall Assessment

When it comes down to it, there is ultimately a lot to like about the Kicker 41DSC54 Speakers. The speakers are more than capable of delivering a beautiful sound quality. Plus, they’re built to last. The 1-year warranty will protect your investment, while ensuring you’re able to enjoy your music with total clarity for many years to come.


5.25 car speakers can make a world of difference for your automobile audio system. Just remember that not all speakers are equal. Some will not provide you with the specific sound quality that you’re after. Therefore, it is absolutely essential to rely on the information provided above. As long as you do that, you will be able to guarantee you’ve made a wise decision.


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