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The 10 Best Baby Gates In 2017 – Reviews & Buyer Guide

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Closely Examining The Best Baby Gates On The Market

As a loving parent, you will want to go above and beyond to keep your child safe and happy. This means that you’ll need to provide your child with a healthy meal and a safe place to play and sleep at night. While you’ve most likely taken steps to make your home childproof, it is still likely that there are potential hazards around your home. How can you make sure that your child doesn’t fall victim to one of these hazards? How can you prevent your child from tumbling down the stairs when you’re not looking? Since it is impossible to keep an eye on your child at all times, you should increase invest in one of the best baby gates.

A baby gate will prevent your child from accessing unsafe locations. Instead, you will be able to keep him or her confined to a safe, secure location. In return, this will provide you with an enormous amount of peace of mind. Within this comprehensive guide, you will learn more about these products. You will also find comprehensive reviews for the best gates on the market.

#1- Regalo 192-Inch Super Wide Gate And Play Yard

Regalo 192-Inch Super Wide Gate and Play Yard, White
Regalo 192-Inch Super Wide Gate and Play Yard, White


Wouldn’t it wonderful to have a play yard that could be configured into an infant gate? This would definitely make things less complicated for parents that like to take their child outside for a little fun in the sun. Well, you can have your wish, if you are willing to invest in the Regalo Super Wide Gate and Play Yard. This gate comes with 8 configurable and removable panels. Parents will be able to turn the 8 panels into a large 19 square feet play area or utilize several panels for a baby gate. With the Regalo Gate, you will not only save money, but also save yourself some shopping time.

192-Inch Expansion

Many parents have difficulty finding a baby gate that will extend the length of their doorways or walls. The Regalo Baby Gate will work perfectly for homes, with a living room and dining room combined together. The 8 panels will expand up to 192 inches in width, which is quite extensive when compared to other models. This expansion should be suitable for most homes, even though a doorway does not separate the rooms.

Free Standing Installation

If you decide to utilize the Regalo Baby Gate as a play yard, you will be happy to discover that it does require an installation process. The gate is configurable, but does not require an assembly or installation process. Instead, you just need to configure the gate to suit the area you want to block off from the rest of the home. You do not even need to mount the gate to a wall, which will make things less complicated for busy parents.

Wall Mount Installation Optional

For parents that feel a wall mounting gate is safer for their child, you will be happy to know that the Regalo Baby Gate comes with wall mount hardware. This type of installation will only take about 5 to 10 minutes tops, depending on how skilled you are with the task.

Swing Gate

The Regalo Gate is equipped with a swing gate, with a safety-locking feature. You will be able to manipulate the locking feature with ease, but the child not so much. The feature is designed to prevent children from being able to learn how to manipulate the locking mechanism.

Fold-Up Design

The fold-up design will not only offer portability, but will also offer a compact storage. Each panel folds together, so the gate becomes the width of one panel, with the thickness of 8 panels combined together. The total weight of the gate is roughly 18 pounds. The mother or father can pick it up and move it into a storage area with ease.

Notable Specifications

  • Weighs about 18 pounds
  • 28-1/2 Inches in height
  • Each panel is 25-1/2 inches wide
  • The gap between the bars are 2-1/4 inches
  • Configurable and foldable design
  • Comes with wall mount hardware
  • Suitable for pets and children

Overall Assessment

Instead of investing in two different products, save your money and invest in the Regalo 192-Inch Super-Wide Infant Gate and Play Yard. The gate is extremely easy to open and close, plus the durable metal construction will ensure an extended service life.

#2- Summer Infant Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate

Summer Infant Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate, Bronze
Summer Infant Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate, Bronze


Most parents are more comfortable keeping their child secluded in one area of their home. This safe area is much easier to manage than an entire home. However, the only way to keep the child secure in the safe zone is with a reliable infant gate. The construction and design of the gate will play a huge role in keeping the child isolated and safe. Just any ole’ gate will not do, which is why thousands of parents have already turned to the Summer Infant Deco Walk-Thru Gate.

Beautiful Deco Design

Parents do not want a baby gate to alter the appearance of their home. Instead, they want one with an elegant design that will enhance the home. Well, that is exactly what the Summer Deco Gate will do, because its deco design, with bronze finish will add beauty to any doorway. The swing gate has an arch design, giving it even more eye appeal. When you install the Summer Gate in your home, it will not only keep the child safe and secure, but will also look absolutely stunning.

Secure And Stable

Installing the Summer Gate is a breeze and can be completed in a matter of minutes. To ensure security and stability, the gate offers a pressure-mounted installation. This installation is suitable for use between doorways and once the installation is complete the pressure mounting hardware will ensure more stability than the traditional mounting hardware. There is nothing more dangerous than a wobbly or unstable infant gate, so do not take these risks, because your child’s safety may be jeopardized.

Stairway Installation

With the Summer Infant Gate, you will only need to invest in one product, regardless if you want to utilize the gate for several different applications. The gate comes with optional hardware mounts, which can be utilized for the top or bottom stairway. This will allow parents to move the gate from one location to another with ease. Just switch out the hardware mount and install the gate at the bottom of the stairway and then uninstall it and place it in the kitchen doorway. Removing and installing the gate only takes a few minutes, with a few adjustments here and there, so you can relocate it as out as you need to.

Notable Specifications

  • Comes with multiple hardware mounts
  • Suitable for doorway and stairway installations
  • Gate automatically closes and locks, with each use
  • Constructed out of durable metal, with a bronze finish
  • Door stopper is removable for a safer top of the stairway installation
  • 36 Inches in height

Overall Assessment

If you are on the market for a new infant gate that will add appeal to your home, you should definitely keep the Summer Infant Multi-Use Deco Gate in mind. The gate is 36-inches in height, so it can be utilized as a baby and/or dog gate. The gate can be adjustable from 28 to 48 inches in width, which is suitable for most homes.

#3-  North States Supergate Deluxe Décor Metal Gate

North States Supergate Deluxe Décor Metal Gate, Matte Bronze
North States Supergate Deluxe Décor Metal Gate, Matte Bronze


Having kids can be a magical process. Before you know it, they will be your life and everything you do will be for them. All of this hard work will not come without reward. While the whole process is magical you are going to have to rearrange your entire life and home to make it suitable for your new child. Once children start to grow and crawl around they will be into everything. Turn your head for one second and your child will be trying to get into the kitchen cabinets. This might seem cute, but you would be surprised at how many things that lurk around the home that poses a threat to your child.

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For instance, if you keep household cleaning chemicals stored under the kitchen sink and your kids have easy access then he or she might end up getting into hazardous chemicals. It is almost impossible to keep an eye on your kids 24/7 and you don’t want to keep them locked in their cribs all day. However, there is another solution to your problem and that solution is North States Supergate Deluxe Décor Metal Gate.

Attractively Designed

This attractively designed gate is a hardware-mounted gate that was designed for openings that are 72 inches wide or smaller. This gate will not only keep your kids or pets out of unwanted and harmful areas of the home, but it will add additional class to the home. Most gates designed for this specific purpose do a great job at keeping kids and pets out of unwanted area, but that are unattractively designed. Most of the time they are just pained black or white, but the North States Supergate is available in an attractive bronze metal, which will enhance the look of any opening where it is placed.

Arched Extra Wide Doorway

Another great feature included with the Supergate is the extra wide 25.5-inch arched doorway. With such a wide opening, you shouldn’t have problem getting your kids, their toys, or even their cribs through the opening without having to remove the gate. However, if you did have to remove the gate entirely the process would be fairly simply, as it was designed for easy installation and removal purposes. The gate also features a stay-open mode, which allows the gate door to hold itself open. This neat little feature makes carrying or wheeling items through the doorway super easy.

Easy Installation

This super attractive gate can easily be mounted to any flat or angled surface with ease. Each gate panel contains a pivot point, which allows you to move the panels independently to achieve the perfect fit. The gate is also compatible with a 6-bar extension, which allows users to add an extra 15-inches to the gate if needed. However, it should be noted that this 6-bar extension is not included with the purchase of the gate.

Notable Specifications

  • Attractive bronze design
  • Installed easily to flat or angled surfaces
  • 5-Inch extra wide door
  • Door features a stay-open feature
  • Easily detach the gate from the wall for storage purposes
  • Compatible with 6-bar extension, which is not included

 Overall Assessment

If you want to keep you kids out of certain parts of the home, you can do so in style with the North States Supergate Deluxe Décor Metal Gate. This gate will keep the child safe and secure in a safe zone, so you can go about your daily routine.

#4 – Evenflo Expansion Swing Wide Gate

Evenflo Expansion Swing Wide Gate
Evenflo Expansion Swing Wide Gate


Pets and children can both be very rewarding, but that doesn’t mean they both don’t come without certain challenges. Both like to explore and get into things they are not supposed to, which can pose a hazardous risk to their health. Kids and pets are also notorious for making messes and this can be a major problem is you have carpet, rugs, or areas of the home that don’t want to get damaged. You can’t just simply keep them locked in their cribs and cages all day, so how are you going to keep them out of unwanted areas in the home? The Evenflo Expansion Swing Wide Gate is the perfect solution to your problem.

Suitable For A Variety Of Locations

One of the most unique and amazing things about the Evenflo Expansion Swing Wide Gate is that is can be installed in a variety of different openings. For instance, the gate can be installed in any opening that for 24 inches to 60 inches wide. The gate is safe for doorways, bottom of the stairs, and hallways. The only place that is not recommended for installation of this gate is the top of the stairs.

Install With Ease

One of the things that most homeowners dread most about these gates is the installation process. Most of the time a gate that is used to these purposes can take hours on top on hours to install. However, that is not the case the Evenflow Expansion Swing Wide Gate. This installation process is quite simple and shouldn’t take any more than 30 minutes to install. The four-point hardware mounting system is what makes the installation so simple. The fact that the gate can swing open and closed in either direction also makes the installation process a snap.

Doesn’t Just Open And Close

When you first look at the gate and the price, you probably think that this is just some simple gate that simply opens and closes. However, this is not quite the case. The gate can be opened, closed, expanded, and contracted with one hand. The gate swings open and closed for easy traveling purposes. Along with this, the gate also features a child-resistant one-hand release.

Plastic Safety Rail

Everything about this gate was designed with your pet and child’s safety in mind. This is why the gate also includes a telescoping plastic safety rail, which covers the top of the game and prevents anyone from pinching their hands on the wooden slats.

Notable Specifications

  • Very easy installation
  • Includes a plastic telescoping rail that cover the top of the gate
  • Suitable for a variety of different openings
  • Not intended for use at the top of stairs
  • One-hand child resistant release
  • Wood and plastic materials

Overall Assessment

If you need a great looking and reliable gate that will keep your children and pets out of certain areas of the home, you simply cannot go wrong with the Evenflo Expansion Swing Wide Gate.

#5- Summer Infant Metal Expansion Gate

Summer Infant Metal Expansion Gate, 6 Foot Wide Extra Tall Walk-Thru
Summer Infant Metal Expansion Gate, 6 Foot Wide Extra Tall Walk-Thru


Are you on the market for a new infant gate that will add appeal to your home décor? If so, you should definitely take a minute of your time to view the Summer Infant Metal Expansion Gate. This gate is constructed out of durable metal, with a beautiful bronze finish and arch gate. The gate will never alter the appearance of your home, but will definitely draw a lot of positive attention. It is designed to perfectly fit between extra wide doorways and walls.

Expandable Design

Baby gates have definitely changed over the last decade, especially in design. Today, parents can find a wide variety of brands on the market to choose from. However, not will offer the same benefits as the Summer Infant Expansion Gate. This gate has an expandable design, which means it will fit extra wide openings between 44 and 72-inches. The adjustment mechanism is simple and only takes a matter of seconds to achieve the perfect width.

Beautiful Arch Door

The swing door has an arch design, which adds even more appeal to the gate. The great benefit that this door offers is it can be operated with a single hand. Parents often have their hands full, making it extremely difficult to manipulate a two-handed locking/unlocking mechanism. With the Summer Infant Gates, parents will be able to unlock the door with a single hang.

Notable Specifications

  • 36 Inches in height
  • Fits openings between 44 and 72 inches in width
  • Beautiful bronze finish, overlaying durable metal
  • Bottom rail is embedded with a soft scratch guard material
  • One-handed swing walk-thru door
  • Easy installation process
  • Weighs 24.7 pounds
  • Includes 4 extensions
  • Pressure mounted installation hardware

Overall Assessment

For the price, you cannot beat the Summer Infant Metal Expansion Gate. The gate is designed to fit doorways or spaces between 3.5 to 6 feet wide. The extra tall design will allow parents to utilize the gate for pets and children. The installation process is simple, plus the pressure mounted installation will ensure stability and security.

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#6 Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Gate

Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Gate, White, Fits Spaces between 29" and 39" Wide
Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Gate, White, Fits Spaces between 29″ and 39″ Wide


If you’re looking for one of the most affordable security gates for your toddler, you will definitely want to check out the Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Gate. Despite the affordability, this gate will prove to be well worth the price and then some. The gate is pressure mounted and this will ultimately make your life easier. Additional features will be examined below.

Designed To Fit A Variety Of Different Openings

This great looking gate was intended for use openings that are 29 to 39 inches wide. However, there are extensions available that can extend the gate up to 60-inch openings. It should be noted that the extensions are sold separately and not included with the initial purchase. Nonetheless, this guarantees that the gate can easily be used by almost all households!

Pressure Mounted

Thanks to this gate’s pressure mounted installation, it can be set up within a matter of seconds. More importantly, you will never have to worry about damaging your walls. Instead, you will only need to turn the side knobs, until pressure is added and the gate stands on its own. With the right amount of pressure, you can guarantee your child will never be able to knock the gate over!

Notable Specifications

  • Suitable for openings between 29 and 39 inches
  • Can be used in hallways, doorways and even staircases
  • Pressure mounted installation is easy and safe
  • Can be opened with a single hand
  • Protected by a 90-day limited warranty

Overall Assessment

At the end of the day, the Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Gate is a solid investment. The gate will fit most standard hallways and openings. Plus, it is one of the cheapest gates on the market. What more could you ask for?

#7 -North States Supergate Metal Gate

North States Supergate Easy Close Metal Gate, White
North States Supergate Easy Close Metal Gate, White


During the past few years, North States has managed to produce some amazing childcare products. The company has grown in popularity amongst parents around the world. Take one look at the company’s Supergate Metal Gate and you’ll quickly discover why. While the product is reasonably affordable, it will prove to be an excellent buy. The gate itself is very attractive and it will have no trouble keeping your child confined to a safe, secure location. Plus, the gate’s versatility is enormous and this ensures it can be installed almost anywhere. More details will be provided below.


First, you should learn more about this gate’s size. This specific product comes with a single extension. In total, the gate can extend between 29.5 inches to 38.75 inches. It is also possible to purchase additional extensions to make the gate even wider. Nonetheless, 29.5 to 38.75 inches should be sufficient for most households. And of course, the gate stands approximately 30 inches tall. At this height, you can guarantee that the North States Supergate will be able to keep your child confined to his or her designated area.

Easy For Parents

While you’ll definitely want the gate to be tricky for your child, you will want to make sure it is convenient for all of the adults in your household. This is one of the best aspects of the Supergate. The gate will give adults the ability to enter and exit the gate, without any trouble whatsoever. This is the case, because you will be able to open and close the gate with a single hand. The gate also features a hold-open feature. When several people need to pass through, the gate can be locked in at a 90-degree angle.


While this gate will prove to be convenient for you and your adult family members, it will always protect your child from leaving their play area. The gate is equipped with an innovative double-locking system. Since this aspect of the gate makes it somewhat difficult for the door to open, you can guarantee that your child will always remain inside. This is one of the main reasons that this gate is a great option for the bottom of stairs.

Easy Installation

When your gate arrives at your home, you’ll want to get it installed and set up as quickly as possible. You’ll be able to do just that with the North States Supergate. The gate features four tension rods. When the rods are extended fully, each will touch your wall and the pressure will keep the gate in place. The gate comes with four wall cups. These are used to prevent the gate from damaging your walls.

Notable Specifications

  • Comes with a single extension
  • Installation couldn’t be easier
  • Double-locking system ensures maximum safety
  • Gate has a hold-open feature
  • Stands 29” tall
  • Will automatically close

Overall Assessment

The Supergate is a great investment for almost all parents. It is beautiful, affordable and easy to install. Be sure to check it out for yourself today! In the long run, you’ll be glad that you did.

#8- Kidco Safeway Gate

Kidco Safeway Gate, Top of Stairs Gate, White
Kidco Safeway Gate, Top of Stairs Gate, White


Are you on the hunt for a good safety gate that will be able to prevent your toddler from wandering too far? Look no further than the Kidco Safeway Gate. While the product is very affordable, it will prove to be a solid investment. The gate is manufactured from heavy-duty steel, so you can guarantee it will remain upright. At the same time, the gate is very versatile and can easily be installed in a wide variety of areas. It can be used for stairs, as well as other hallways throughout your home. This gate’s most notable features will be examined in greater depth below.

Hinge Side Hardware

While many gates can only be installed straight, the Kidco Safeway Gate is more versatile. It can easily be installed on an angled surface, thanks to the unique hinge side hardware. This makes it possible to use the gate almost anywhere in your home.

Easy Open

Another great aspect of the Safeway Gate is the fact that it can be opened very easily. Any adult in your household will be able to walk up to the gate and open it within seconds. Even better is the fact that the gate can be opened with a single hand. While the gate’s door is easy to open for adults, it will still be able to stop your child from escaping. Ultimately, the gate will make your life easier, without decreasing the amount of security provided.


Before rushing forward, you should make sure that this gate will be able to accommodate your precise needs. Therefore, you will need to carefully analyze its dimensions. From top to bottom, the gate measures in at 30.5 inches. From side to side, it can extend up to 43.5 inches. The gate’s width is adjustable, so you shouldn’t have any problem getting a precise fit. These measurements help to ensure that this gate will be suitable for most households. Just be sure to take measurements of your hallway, before handing over your money!

Opens In Either Direction

Another great aspect of the Kidco Safeway Gate is the fact that the door is capable of opening in either direction. This helps to ensure that the gate will never become an annoyance for the adults in your home. Whether you’re attempting to enter or exit the room in question, you’ll be able to do so easily, without needing to leap over the gate!

Notable Specifications

  • Available in two cool colors
  • Gate opens in both directions
  • Stands 30.5 inches tall
  • Can extend up to 43.5 inches
  • Heavy duty steel ensures maximum longevity and sturdiness
  • Quick Release Hardware makes installation and removal easy
  • Can be installed on an angled surface
  • Gate can be opened with a single hand
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Overall Assessment

The Kidco Safeway Gate is definitely a good choice for most parents. While the included screws are somewhat questionable, it is still hard to find a flaw with this specific product. It will certainly serve its purpose exceptionally well. For that, the gate is definitely a wise choice for parents.

#9 – Munchkin Auto-Close Metal Gate

Munchkin Auto-Close Metal Gate, White
Munchkin Auto-Close Metal Gate, White


If you’re looking for a great security gate that will be able to protect your toddler, you will definitely want to check out this offering from Munchkin. The gate is very attractive, despite only being available in a single color. The gate’s white paint is protected by a shiny coating, which will ensure it cannot be scratched away easily. Therefore, it will remain attractive for many years to come. While the gate is slightly cheaper than some of the others, it still features many of the same characteristics. These will be explored in greater detail below.


First and foremost, you should check out the gate’s dimensions. This will help you determine whether or not this specific product is right for your home. First, the gate stands 29.5 inches tall. This will be sufficient for the mass majority of consumers. At 29.5-inches tall, the gate will prove to be a great deterrent for your child. In terms of width, the gate can extend from 29.5 to 35 inches. This will make it suitable for most hallways. Alternatively, it can also be used for stairs.

Double Locking Handle

When looking for a reliable gate, you will want to choose one that cannot be duped by your child easily. This will not be a problem with the Munchkin Metal Gate, thanks to the double-locking handle. While the gate can be unlocked by an adult very easily, it will prove to be difficult for a child. Thanks to this feature, you will be able to rest assured knowing your child will not be able to outsmart the gate, while you are not looking.

Pressure Fit

One of the best aspects of the Munchkin Gate is the fact that it utilizes a pressure-fit concept. The gate will securely tighten against both walls. Once the knobs have been turned enough, the gate will become very sturdy. In fact, you will never have to worry about your child pushing the gate over. The placement knobs are designed to prevent damage to your walls. More importantly, this helps to make the installation and removal for the gate almost effortless.

Automatically Closes

As a parent, it is very easy to forget things from time to time. Of course, you should not allow your forgetfulness to harm your child. This is where the Munchkin Gate will prove to be enormously beneficial. The gate’s door features an auto close mechanism. Once you’ve opened the gate and have stepped away, the door will automatically swing shut. This will ultimately save you time, while also ensuring the door always remains closed.

Notable Specifications

  • Door automatically closes after use
  • Weighs just 13.8 pounds
  • Beautiful white color scheme will impress most
  • Suitable for areas between 29.5 and 35-inches in width
  • Stands 29.5-inches tall
  • Double-locking handle ensures your child remains inside
  • Pressure-fit setup is convenient
  • U-shaped power-frame ensures the gate cannot be toppled over easily

Overall Assessment

The Munchkin Auto-Close Metal Gate will prove to be a godsend for parents! It is affordable, yet it truly impresses in all key categories. It is very durable and the pressure-fit system is convenient. This gate will make a great addition to any parent’s home.

#10-  DreamBaby Chelsea Extra Wide Auto Close Security Gate

Dreambaby Chelsea Extra Wide Auto Close Security Gate in White
Dreambaby Chelsea Extra Wide Auto Close Security Gate in White


When looking for an outstanding security gate, you can rest assured knowing that DreamBaby is a superb choice. The company’s products are well worth their money and tend to work exceptionally well for their intended purpose. This is definitely the case when it comes to the Chelsea Auto Close Security Gate. The product is very affordable, yet it is capable of satisfying the mass majority of parents. What makes this gate better than the rest? You’ll find out below.

Beautiful Colors To Choose From

The Chelsea Security Gate is available in two beautiful color schemes. The white version is definitely attractive and this color will easily complement the remaining items in your home. If you’re looking for something different, you may want to switch over to the black model. No matter which choice you make, you can rest assured knowing this gate will remain beautiful for many years to come! The paint is covered by a protective coat, so it is nearly impossible to scrap away.

Very Versatile

While you’re at it, you should realize that the versatility of this gate is nearly endless. First and foremost, it is capable of opening in both directions. Whether you’re coming or going, you will be able to open the gate and slip right through without any trouble whatsoever. Also, the gate will automatically close on its own. This is enormously helpful and guarantees that the gate will never be left open accidently. Finally, you should realize that the gate can be opened with a single hand. This ensures you can get the gate open even when you’re holding your child in your hands.

The Perfect Size

When it comes down to it, the DreamBaby Chelsea is truly the perfect size for parents. The standard height of the gate is 29.5 inches. This helps to ensure that your child will never be able to climb over the gate. The width ranges from 38 to 42.5 inches. It is also possible to purchase extra extensions to make the gate extend up to 121 inches. Truly, this gate should be strong, wide and tall enough to stop any toddler.

Effortless Installation

While some gates are enormously difficult to install, the DreamBaby Chelsea is not. This is the case, because the product is pressure mounted. By turning the knobs on the side of the gate, you will be able to secure the gate in between almost any two walls. Alternatively, you can also mount the gate with screws, but this is not a necessity. The pressure mount is not only convenient, but it is also helps to ensure that the gate can be removed effortlessly. Finally, the gate can also be installed at the top of stairs.

Notable Specifications

  • Standard width between 38 to 42.5 inches
  • Stands 29.5 inches tall
  • Available in two beautiful color schemes
  • Pressure mounted, but can also be installed with hardware
  • Gate will automatically close
  • Door can be opened with a single hand
  • Can be installed at the top of stairs
  • Gate will open in both directions
  • ATSM and JPMA Certified

Overall Assessment

When it comes down to it, there is definitely a lot to like about the DreamBaby Chelsea. The gate is beautiful, enormously sturdy and very versatile. No matter how big your toddler is or where you’re trying to install the gate, you can guarantee that the Chelsea Security Gate will do the trick. For the price, it is well worth exploring in greater detail!


A baby gate can undeniably provide you with an abundance of peace of mind. Of course, it is important to remember that not all gates are equal. Instead, you will need to consider your budget and the specific amount of space that you’re attempting to cover. Once you’ve done this, you will want to utilize the information provided about to choose the best gate for your money. Once you’ve done this, you will be able to keep your toddler safe, while simultaneously putting your mind at ease.







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