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The 4 Best MIG Welders For Beginners In 2017 – Reviews & Buyer Guide

Best MIG Welders For Beginners
Best MIG Welders For Beginners

Locating The Best MIG Welders For Beginners

Are you interested in learning how to weld? This is a very wise decision. By learning this trade, you could eventually turn it into a profession and this could allow you to make a good living. By taking a look at the best MIG welders for beginners, you will easily be able to find one of these products that will be able to suit your needs. And then, you’ll be able to hone your skills, until you’re mastered it! Below, you will find in-depth and honest reviews of some of the top MIG welders on the market.

#1 Lotos Technology MIG140 MIG Wire Welder

Lotos MIG140 140 Amp MIG Wire Welder Flux Core Welder and Aluminum Gas Shielded Welding with 2T/4T Switch, 110V, Red
Lotos MIG140 140 Amp MIG Wire Welder Flux Core Welder and Aluminum Gas Shielded Welding with 2T/4T Switch, 110V, Red


The on the go auto body mechanic, contractor and plumber needs a reliable MIG welder. However, with so many options on the market, it makes it nearly impossible to make the right decision. With this said, you may just find the Lotus Technology MIG140 MIG Wire Welder suitable for your needs and preferences. The welder is capable of providing an airflow capacity of 0.42 cubic feet per minute, which is fairly generable when compared to other similar models.

Portable And Lightweight

The portable and lightweight design makes the Lotos MIG Welder perfect for workers that travel from one jobsite to another. The welder weighs roughly 54 pounds, with a large built-in handle. You will be able to carry the welder around, without requiring assistance from another worker.

User-Friendly control Panel

The control panel, which is located on the front panel, is extremely easy to understand and manipulate. The on and off switch is located on the top left side of the control panel, where it will always be within hand’s reach. This feature will prevent the need to unplug and plug the electrical capable, while taking a break.

There are two digital displays on the top right side of the control panel. The digital display at the very top reads arc volts and the lower one reaches inch per minute, which has something to do with the speed of the wire feed. This will allow the user to make more accurate adjustments for both the wire feed speed and welding voltage

The two red dials centered on the control panel are utilized to adjust the arc volts and wire feed. Everything is conveniently located on the front control panel, so you do not need to fumble around for specific controls. This design will ensure convenience and operational efficiency.

Updated Version 

The older MIG140 Welder was lacking in several aspects, one it did not have a 2T/4T switch. The design eliminated the ability to switch from 2T to 4T. The updated version has been equipped with a 2T/4T switch, offering more versatility than the previous version. The ground capable connector has also been updated to improve reliability and durability.

Multi-Use Design

The multi-use design allows for welding mild steel, aluminum and stainless steel. However, a spool gun will be required to weld aluminum, so you will need to purchase this separately, since it is not included with the welder. The solid steel wire range is from .030 to .035 inches and for the solid steel it is .025 to .030 inches.

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The Lotos MIG140 Welder comes with a variety of accessories, including an argon regulator, gas hose, ground clamp cable, contact tips and wire. It also includes a durable welding mask, which will save you some money, if you do not already own one. You will receive everything you need to get started welding right out of the box.

Notable Specifications

  • Embedded 2T/4T switch
  • On/Off switch
  • Produces up to 140 amps of power
  • Welds mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum
  • Includes an argon regular and two contact tips (.023” and .035”)
  • Backed by a 30-day money back guarantee and 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty
  • Weighs roughly 54 pounds

Overall Assessment

The Lotos Technology MIG140 MIG Wire Welder has been updated to provide more efficiency, durability and accuracy. The embedded digital displays and adjustment knobs provide more accuracy, when it comes to adjusting the wire feed and welding voltage, which was not offered with the previous version.

#2 LONGEVITY Migweld 140 MIG Welder

LONGEVITY Migweld 140 - 140 Amp Mig Welder Capable Of Flux-Core And Aluminum Gas Shielded Welding 110v
LONGEVITY Migweld 140 – 140 Amp Mig Welder Capable Of Flux-Core And Aluminum Gas Shielded Welding 110v


It does not matter how long you have been welding or how much you know about welding, different welders can make a major impact on your end results. If you are using a welder that just isn’t capable of performing, then you are going to end up with bed results. However, if you are using on the best welders available then you are going to achieve the best results possible. If you truly want to achieve great results every time regardless of what you are working on, you need to check out the LONGEVITY Migweld MIG Welder. This amazing welder was designed to provide users with extreme durability while offering versatility for working on a wide range of products.

Welds Aluminum And Exotic Metals

Most welders just don’t have the capabilities to weld a wide range of materials. They were usually just designed to perform one specific task and that’s what they do. Of course, the do that one specific task extremely well, but what if there was a welder that could truly do just about anything? That is exactly what the LONGEVITY Migweld Welder is capable of. This welder is capable of welding aluminum, exotic metals, and even 3/8-inch steel.

Easy Hook Up With Plug Installed

The LONGEVITY Migweld Welder operates on 110-Volts, which can be extremely handy since this is a fairly common voltage in most commercial and residential establishments. You will never has to search far and wide for an outlet, because there will usually be one close by. Along with this, the welder already comes with the 110-Volt plug installed into the unit. So, instead of having to spend an hour or more wiring the welder or hiring a professional to do it this is something that you never have to worry about.

Gasless or Gas Welding

Some welding applications will require gas welding, whereas some people just prefer to weld with gas. However, when you purchase the LONGEVITY Welder none of that will really matter. This welder is capable or welding with gas and capable of welding without gas. So, whatever situation you find yourself in, or whatever you prefer, you will be able to achieve it with the LONGEVITY MIG Welder.

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Setup Assistance On The Inside Cover

With this welder, it really doesn’t matter if you are an expert of a beginner, because everything is laid out nicely for you. Located on the inside the panel you will find a setup guide. This guide will show you have to setup your welder. For instance, if you are welding on 3/8-inch steel with gas the cover will inform you as to the type of wire and settings that you should be using.

Notable Specifications

  • Handy Instructions hidden inside cover helps with setup and welder settings
  • Weld with gas or without gas
  • Operates off 110-Volts
  • Plug comes already installed in the unit
  • Welds aluminum and other exotic metals

Overall Assessment

If you are looking to get into the exciting world of welding, but do not know where to start, you can’t go wrong with the LONGEVITY Migweld MIG Welder. While this welder was designed to handle a wide range of applications it was designed to the beginner in mind.

#3 Lincoln Electric MIG Welder

MIG Welder, Handheld, 120VAC
MIG Welder, Handheld, 120VAC


Whether you are a beginner or proficient welder, you will definitely benefit from the Lincoln Electric MIG Welder. This welder was designed with the beginner welder in mind, plus it comes with everything you need to get started welding right out of the box. The interface is extremely easy to maneuver, so you can set and adjustment the wire feed and welding voltage more accurately than other brands. If you are on the market for a welder that is designed for beginners, be sure to keep this model in mind.

Portable Design

It isn’t unusual for a handyman or contractor to perform welding jobs on different worksites in just one day. With this said, a heavy-duty and reliable MIG welder will be a necessity, as you well know not every brand is designed alike or offer the same benefits. This welder has a portable designed, with a large, built-in handle for easier transportation. It weighs roughly 60 pounds, which is doable for most males and female welders.

Well-Known Brand

Instead of investing in a generic brand, which may not last longer than the included manufacturer’s warranty. You should definitely consider investing in a Lincoln Electronic welder, because this is one of the top brands on the market. The company is well known for designing and creating products, with state-of-the-art technology and premium components and features. When you invest in this welder, you will have peace of mind, in knowing that you are going to get your money’s worth and so much more.

Welding Capabilities

The Lincoln Electronic MIG Welder is capable of welding aluminum, stainless steel and steel materials. It is equipped with an adjustable wire feed speed control knob for making adjustments from 50 all the way up to 500 inches per minutes. This is an extremely versatile machine, giving the user the option of setting it up both gas-shielded MIG and gas-free flux core welding.

Notable Specifications

  • Set up for gas-shielded MIG or gas-free flux core welding
  • Wire feed speed control – 50-500 IPM
  • Drive system is fully adjustable
  • Gun connection has a brass-to-brass design for better conductivity
  • Weighs roughly 61 pounds
  • Incudes wire, airflow meters, contact tips, electrical cable and cable cord
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Overall Assessment

The Lincoln Electric MIG Welder works flawlessly. With its user-friendly interface anyone will be able to understand the operational processes without issue. You will receive everything you need to get started welding right out of the box, as long as you already own a welding mask. The large wire feed and welding voltage knobs are labeled to ensure accuracy. You will also receive a handy DVD to help you better understand the operational process better.

#4  3 in 1 Antra MIG240A TIG/MIG/MMA Inverter Welding

3 in 1 Antra MIG240A TIG/MIG/MMA Inverter Welding Machine Welder Spool Gun Compatible With Regulator included
3 in 1 Antra MIG240A TIG/MIG/MMA Inverter Welding Machine Welder Spool Gun Compatible With Regulator included


Welding should be fun and exciting. However, if you are trying to weld a piece of 3/8-icnh steel with a welder that just isn’t capable of performing the task, then the fun is taken out of it. You will probably get frustrated and just give up on your hobby before you even begin. What if there was a welder that completely simplified everything for you, but provided you with the most professional features available on the market? Well, that is exactly what the Antra MIG240A Welder can do. This welder has truly taken the most advanced features and broken then down, so that even the most novices of users can operate this welder.

Instructional Guide On The Cover

Whether you are stick welding or wire welding on the same material or different materials each will require different settings, different sized sticks, and different sized wire. Of course, it might be hard for the novice user to grasp the concepts. Sometimes it is even hard for the expert user to remember all of these settings. This is why the Antra MIG240A Welder comes along with handy instructional guide. Located on the inside panel of the welder you will find a guide that tells you which settings, wire, and sticks you need to utilize for certain applications.

Notable Specifications

  • Handy instructional guide located on inside panel
  • Very portable, with large built-in handle
  • MIG torches and gas regulator are included
  • Stable wire speed, with adjustment control

Overall Assessment

Make welding fun again with this instructive, but professionally designed welder. The Antra MIG240A Welder is a must have for any beginner or professional. The interface may take a bit of getting used to, but after a bit of practice, you will become for efficient in operating the welder.


Investing in one of the best MIG welders for beginners is very wise, if you wish to learn how to weld. This machine will give you the ability to learn the tricks of the trade, without overspending. Make sure you refer to the information provided above, when attempting to make your final decision. By doing so, you will be able to ensure you make the right choice.


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