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The 4 Best Orbital Buffer In 2017 – Reviews & Buyer Guide

The Most Reliable and Best Orbital Buffer That Money Can Buy

Do you have to deal with tired and achy shoulders every time you polish your car? Do you find it taxing and expensive to go the car detailing shop to remove scratches and spruce up your vehicle? Have you heard of DIY buffing that will renew the past glory of your car and make it appear as brand new?There are a plethora of buffers in the market but do you know which is the best orbital buffer to buy?

Yes, the job of selecting a buffer that is suited for your needs and your expertise is not simple or a cake walk. It requires browsing through several reviews on various online websites and stores to narrow down that one gadget that will make life easier for the car enthusiast.

We have done the hard work and narrowed down your choice to four of the best orbital buffers in the market. Read on and make an informed choice.

1- PORTER-CABLE 7424XP 6-Inch Variable-Speed Polisher



If you have observed, you will find the 7424XP in every detailing shop and home garage in the US. The Porter Cable is one of the most popular orbital polishers often used for polishing and sanding both automotive and marine vehicles. It is small and suitable for beginners who are new to the field of buffing.


The 7424 XP comes with a motor that produces 6,800 oscillations per minute. This powerful motor increases the ability of the buffer to remove scratches and provide deeper polishing.  The free rotating spindle assemblies make sure there is an even distribution of heat and prevent burning of the paint. Thus despite, its power the Porter Cables perfectly safe for the paint on your car. When you use this machine you will not have to deal with unsightly swirl marks often a result of poor buffing job.

Variable Speed

One main reason the Porter is suitable for beginners is its electronic variable speed dial which allows you to learn to buff at your own speed.  It is advantageous that you use a variable speed function as it allows to experiment with a variety of speeds as your expertise level increases. It is crucial that you learn to use the buffer correctly for optimum results.

Ease of Use

The model is ergonomically designed with the switch on/off placed on the top where it is easily accessible to the fingers. Similarly, the variable speed dial is placed beyond the reach of the palm to prevent accidental changing of speeds during operation.


Another appealing feature of the Porter Cable is its price. A little over $100 this powerful gadget is true value for money. In addition to that, it comes with a 3-year warranty from Porter Cable on manufacturing defects and one year of free service on the entire unit.

Notable specifications

  • 4.5 amp motor for random orbit and high overload protection
  • 6-inch polishing pad along with a proprietary counter balance
  • Swirl free polishing and sanding option
  • Weighs 5-1/2 pounds
  • An electronic variable speed dial that operates at 2500-6800 orbits per minute.
  • Accepts 5/16-24 spindle thread accessories
  • Two positions removable side handle for more comfort and control
  • It measures 11.5×10.5×6 inches
  • 3-year limited warranty on faulty materials and workmanship from the date of purchase
  • One year free service from Porter Cable
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Overall Assessment

The Porter Cable 7424 XP is an ergonomic, safe, and easy tool ideal for those new to car detailing and polishing. Its electronic variable speed combined with a powerful 4.5-ampmotor stands testimony to durability, efficiency, and powerful performance. Customer and industrial reviews consistently show that the 7424is one of the most popular and economical buffers in the market.

2. Ryobi RB61G Green 6″ Orbital Buffer



For a professional smooth swirl free polisher, you can consider the Ryobi RB61G orbital buffer. This buffer has a dual insulation and is completely maintenance free. Synthetic tufted polishing bonnets and terry cotton bonnets are reusable and economical. It is compact and small.


Just pack it and take it wherever you want; this piece is cute and measures 6.3 x 6.3 x 7.9 inches and weighs only 3.5 pounds. But don’t go by the size, it is a hardy equipment that is useful for all the detailing work. Not one of the most powerful buffers around, the Ryobi still gives a great performance and is worth its place in the garage.

Easy To Use

Those with bad shoulders and advanced in age can trust this little guy to help them maintain the healthy glow of their car. The RB61G can be used single-handedly. The switch on/off is conveniently located on the side. The fully contained bearings ensure you do not have to worry about maintenance at all. Simple synthetic tufted bonnets for polishing can be washed with soap and water and reused.


Priced less than $40 it is value for money for beginners who are shy of spending more on products they are new to and don’t have full knowledge about.

Notable Specifications

  • Compact size and optimized balance for extended detail work
  • Smooth, random orbital action provides a professional, swirl-free finish
  • Conveniently located sliding power switch for easy on/off operation
  • Fully-contained bearings for maintenance-free operation
  • It requires 120VZ 60 Hz input power
  • Orbits per Minute: 4800 OPM (No Load Speed)
  • Weighs only 3.2 pounds

Overall Summary

Ryobi RB61G Green 6″ Orbital Buffer is probably not the best orbital buffer in the market but it is economical and does the job. It is easy to use and has a random orbital movement which ensures a swirl free finish. It is a good tool to maintain the look of your car but is not suited for masking deeper scratches.

3. Neiko® 10671A 7-Inch Electric Polisher and Buffer



One of the best variable speed buffers is the Neiko 10671A. It is a well-constructed heavy duty polisher and buffer that comes with 6 variable speeds between 1000 -3000 RPM. With this buffer, you can do both slow and fast polishing. This model has all the features found on its expensive counterparts and is a great addition to your garage.But beware it is not the best-looking product on the market.

High Performance

If you are looking for performance, this rugged1300-watt motor buffer is ideal for you. It is made of cast aluminum head and has an all ball-bearing mechanism which together gives a professional finish to your polishing. Besides that, it is a UL/CUL listed product and its cord and plug are tested for safety and durability. Since it is a powerful machine, it is advisable that you be well versed with buffing before you invest in this product.

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Variable Speed

It comes with a variable speed range from 1000-3000 RPM which makes it versatile in use. You can vary the speed to suit the surface and the kind of job you want to do; it is no surprise that several reviews speak of customers using it to even buff their dining tables.The Velcro backing pad also adds to the versatility as it allows you to experiment with a variety of polishing and buffing pads.

Ergonomic Design

It is important that a buffer is easy and comfortable to use to prevent undue strain on your shoulders and back. The makers have kept the users’ comfort in mind and have provided a soft grip and a side handle that can be positioned in multiple ways for greater comfort and maneuverability. Ergonomic designs power tools not only make efficient tools, they are also the best for the task. Another good example of an ergonomic design tool is the pink drill.

Low Price

The features and the high-end motor belie the price of the buffer. If you are looking for an affordable sturdy polished for under $80, the Neiko is one of the best orbital buffers in that range.

Notable Specifications

·  A powerful 1300-watt motor that produces low RPM between 1000-3000

·  Six-speed variable speed control

·  Ergonomic handle that is easy to use

·  UL/CUL listed

·  The backing disc fitted with 7 inch Velcro.

Overall Summary

This is not the first name that comes to mind when we speak about the best orbital buffers in the automobile industry, but it most certainly holds its own as one of the most powerful buffers out there. The Neiko is best suited for those who have learned to use the buffer well and are ready to transition to a higher model. It is not for amateurs because it requires a certain amount to skill to handle it.

4. DeWALT DWP849X 7″/9″ Variable-Speed Polisher / Soft Start



The Dewalt appears at top of the list along with the Porter-Cable as one of the best orbital buffers that have offered nothing but excellent performance always. This is easily one of the best detailing soft starting machines that prove that looks are not everything. This durable, easy-to-use buffer is not the most affordable buffers though.

Powerhouse of Excellence

It is not just enough to buff and polish your ride when you need that extra shine you should use a buffer that is powerful. The Dewalt is a beast; it runs on a 1200-watt motor with variable speed and provides a shine that is hard to emulate.It has no load speed and hence starts instantaneously. The linear ball bearing structure and precision cut gears contribute to the performance as well. It can be used for all kinds of detailing work and is predominantly used for all metal finishing and marine vehicles.

Superior Results

Utmost care should be taken during buffing because high speed generates heat which can damage the paint on your vehicle. That is why powerful machines like the Dewalt run at low RPM to prevent excessive static electricity and heat buildup. In the process, it provides superior results. You can choose the speed to suit different applications and materials.

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Wool Ingestion Shield

The bane of all buffers is ingesting wool during the buffing process leading to costly repairs and maintenance. But the Dewalt comes with a wool ingestion shield which prevents the wool from clogging the machine thereby increasing the durability and performance of the machine.

Multi-Use Handle

The Dewalt is a beast that is heavy. It is difficult to hold a 10.2-pound buffer for a long period without straining your shoulders and hands. To overcome this disability the makers have ensured that the handle can be used in multiple positions.

Easy To Use

The soft touch trigger along with the low RPM make it really easy for a newcomer to using the buffer effortlessly and without pressure.

Notable Specifications

  • A powerful 12-amp motor that produces 600-3500 oscillations per minute
  • An electronic speed limiter for best results
  • A Variable speed dial provides it freedom to be used on a variety of surfaces
  • To enhance the looks and provide a good grip there is a rubber gear case cover
  • Wool ingestion shields for increased durability

Overall Summary

Without any doubt, we can safely say that the Dewalt DW 849X is one of the best Orbital Buffers that any car detailer would love to add to his tool bag. It is ideal for the professional and the passionate car lover. It is that perfect tool that has everything to make your car look brighter and better: variable speed, powerful motor, durability, ease of use and comfortable grip. It is a tad heavier than the rest but when you are looking for performance, the weight of the equipment is secondary. You will have to change the brushes and pads to improve the durability of the machine.


Everyone who loves to take care of their vehicle and its looks will surely wish to buy a buffer that will not only mask the scratches but also give a superior shine to the vehicle. It is important that you research the types of buffers available and choose one that best suits your needs.

Today, most people opt for the orbital buffers with variable speed to meet their various buffing solutions. These machines are easier to use, relatively lightweight and reduce your trips to the mechanic. Some models require greater expertise while others are suited for newbies.

Word of caution

Improper use of the buffer may cause the paint to burn and damage the vehicle. Hence ensure that you always set the speed of the buffer to suit the material and application to prevent any unpleasant result.


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