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The 5 Best Powder Measure In 2017 – Reviews & Buyer Guide

Best Powder Measure
Best Powder Measure

Exploring The Best Powder Measure For Avid Marksmen

Are you an avid marksman? Do you prefer to reload your own cases? If so, you likely understand how difficult it is to get everything absolutely perfect. Until you’ve managed to master the process of reloading, you should consider purchasing a powder measure. With one of these products, you will be able to breeze through the process, while guaranteeing that you haven’t overloaded. In fact, the best powder measure will help you avoid dealing with clogs frequently.

Within this in-depth informational guide, you will learn more about some of the best powder measurers on the market. Be sure to use this information to your advantage, so you can sleep soundly at night knowing you’ve spent your money to the best of your ability.

#1 Lee Precision 90058 Perfect Powder Measurer

Lee Precision 90058 Perfect Powder Measurer (Red)
Lee Precision 90058 Perfect Powder Measurer (Red)


Measuring an accurate amount of smokeless powder for specific size cartridges can be a pain. To make the task easier, you will need to invest in a powder measurer. This tool will not only measure out the powder, but will also dispense accordingly. The Lee Precision 90058 Perfect Powder Measurer is designed with the avid hunter in mind, because it includes everything needed to ensure accuracy and efficiency.

Larger Rifle Charges

The Lee Precision Powder Measure is designed with a metering chamber that is suitable for larger rifle charges. The dispensing time is expedient, so users do not have to wait around for the powder charge. With this machine, you will be able to focus less time on your powder measuring tasks and a whole lot more of hunting and target practicing.

Portable Design

Since the Lee Precision 90058 is compact and lightweight, you will be able to transport it from place to place with ease. At only 10.6 ounces, you will be able to pack the measurer away in your tote bag and take off for an adventure of hunting and target practice.

Diverse Applications

The Lee Precision 90058 can be utilized alone, with the included bench mount stand or in conjunction with the charging die on the Load Master. The key is to set the measurer up, where it will offer the best stability and ease of use. By mounting the measurer on the included mount stand, you will be able to partake in an extensive loading season like no other.

Superior Consistency

To speed up the loading process, but still receive the most accuracy possible, you will need to do a bit of practicing. This tool will cut your measuring time by half once you become comfortable with the process. If you are picky about consistency, you should consider measuring each load precisely. The set-up process is fairly simple, but getting the tool calibrated will require a bit of time and patience. Always follow the instructional guide that comes with the machine to achieve the best results.

Many users will make adjustments outside the recommended settings and then weight out each powder throw. You can do this until you get the desired weight, this should be extremely easy to master. The repeatability is within the 0.1 grain as advertised by the manufacturer.

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Measuring Different Types Of Powders

With the Lee Precision 90058 Powder Measurer, you will be able to swap powders in a matter of seconds. However, when doing this you will need to turn off the hopper, be removing it, because if you don’t you will have a huge mess to clean up.

Notable Specifications

  • 1 Variation up to 100 times
  • Extremely easy set up process
  • It does not cut powder
  • Portable and lightweight (10.6 ounces)
  • Comes with a mount stand
  • Suitable for 2 grains up to 100 grains
  • Handle works smoothly

Overall Assessment

 Lee Precision 90058 Perfect Powder Measurer will cut your powder measuring time by half. Works well with stick powder, but it will be in your best interest to get as close to your load weight and then scale up to the target weight.

#2 RCBS Uniflow Powder Measure

RCBS Uniflow Powder Measure
RCBS Uniflow Powder Measure


If you are in need of a quality powder measurer you should definitely consider the RCBS Uniflow. This tool is designed to measure out 5-110 grains of ball, extruded powder and flake. Two additional micrometer adjustment screws are available for the RCBS Uniflow. Once you achieve precise adjustment, the Uniflow will offer consistent accurate charges for an unlimited number of loads.

Pours Directly Into A Brass Case

To reduce time and messes, the RCBS Uniflow pours powder uniformly from the measuring cylinder into a brass case. This will not only speed up the time that it normally takes to measure and reload, but will also eliminate the dangers of overload, which is linked to clogging.

Notable Specifications

  • Works as a standalone unit
  • Loads large caliber .308 quick and accurate
  • Includes a 5” metal band that attaches the unit to a press
  • Charging handle is roughly 4” in length
  • 16” Tall when mounted as a standalone unit

Overall Assessment

RCBS Uniflow Powder Measurer measuring cylinder drops the powder directly in the brass case. The user interface is extremely easy to maneuver, making it suitable for a beginner and proficient powder measurer.

#3 Lyman Powder Measure

Lyman Powder Measure
Lyman Powder Measure


If you’re looking for an excellent powder measure that will make loading your cartridges effortless, you should check out the Lyman Powder Measure. This product is enormously beneficial and will allow you to breeze through the reloading process. At the same time, this product will deliver maximum accuracy. The accuracy will always remain within a fraction of a grain. Just remember that this specific product is only recommended for smokeless powder. Additional information can be found below.

Helpful Attachment Knocker

This specific powder measure comes with an attached knocker. The knocker helps to greatly improve the accuracy of this tool. This add-on helps to ensure that you receive a complete charge with each loading. Also, the product has a metering capacity of 200 grain. This should be sufficient for most.

Notable Specifications

  • Includes bench and press attachment
  • Attached knocker guarantees a complete charge
  • Metering grain capacity of 200
  • Equipped with a 2400 grain reservoir
  • Works great with smokeless powder
  • Reservoir blocks harmful light rays

Overall Assessment

The Lyman Powder Measure is very impressive in all categories. It is incredibly accurate, effortless to use and will always deliver a full charge. As long as you stick with smokeless powder, you will fall in love with this powder measure.

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#4 Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Powder Measure

Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Powder Measure
Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Powder Measure


Do you want to be able to load your own rifle or pistol cartridges? If so, you will need to equip yourself with a great powder measure. Take the time to check out the Frankford Arsenal Powder Measure. This specific product is very affordable and it offers a wealth of features, which will ultimately help to make your life much easier. The Universal Meter features accurate reference marks. This helps to ensure that you never wind up overloading your cartridges. The product comes with two unique mounting stands as well. For your consideration, more information will be provided below.


While this might not be the most versatile powder measure on the market, it will still be able to accommodate most consumers. In order to determine whether or not it will work for you, it is essential to look at the grains that this product can support. In total, this measure will work with grains ranging from .8 to 120. Again, there are much more versatile products on the market, but the Frankford Arsenal Powder Measure should be suitable for most. Also, this product works with flake, cylinder, extruded, and ball powder.

Accurate Measurements

Nothing is worse than accidentally overloading your cartridges. This will cause you to waste a substantial amount of time and it could result in your gun becoming clogged. With this in mind, the Frankford Arsenal Powder Measure will give you the ability to avoid these problems once and fall. This tool is capable of delivering accurate measurements for all powder types, including flake, ball, cylinder, and extruded. While this product can accommodate an assortment of charges, it doesn’t lack accuracy at all.

Notable Specifications

  • Comes with a side-mounting end and bench top mount
  • Works fluidly with ball, flake, extruded, and cylinder powders
  • Measures from .8 grains to 120
  • Features immensely tight tolerances for the smoothest operation
  • Accuracy is almost unmatched
  • Universal Meter is equipped with accurate reference marks

Overall Assessment

Truly, the Frankford Arsenal Powder Measure will make a good investment for almost all marksmen. Just remember that this is not the most versatile product in the world. Therefore, you may need to upgrade to something a little more flexible. Nonetheless, this product is well worth exploring in greater detail.

#5 Hornady Lock N Load Powder Measure

Hornady Lock N Load Powder Measure
Hornady Lock N Load Powder Measure


There are many excellent powder measures on the market, but the Hornady Lock N Load is truly in a class of its own. While the product will not empty your wallet, it will still leave you impressed by its performance and capabilities. This powder measure is manufactured with the highest quality materials. This greatly enhances the durability of the product, while immensely prolonging its lifespan. Also, Hornady is truly a name that you can trust. Therefore, the Lock N Load Powder Measure is very appealing to all marksmen regardless of expertise.

Several Mounting Choice

One of the best aspects of this Powder Measure is the fact that it is compatible with several mounting methods. First and foremost, this product can be mounted using the standard bracket and lock ring. Alternatively, you can always switch over to the Lock-N-Load bushings. The bushings will allow you to mount the product to the Fast Load Powder Measure Stand or the Lock-N-Load AP. This can help to automate the powder measuring process.

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Push Button Release

When using a powder measure, you will find yourself changing inserts regularly. This can be very problematic with some specific measures. However, it will not be a problem with the Hornady Lock-N-Load Powder Measure. This is the case, because the product features push button release functionality. Simply push the button, remove the current insert and switch to another one. This makes it possible to switch between 30-06 to 45 Auto within a matter of seconds.

Very Versatile

You will want to make sure you get a powder measure that is capable of accommodating various grains of powder. This will make it possible for you to load your weapon no matter what grain you’re using. This is where the Hornady truly shines. This specific product is compatible with .5 to 265 grains. The grain can be changed easily by switching the rotor and inserts. Truly, there is very little that you will not be able to do with this product. It can reload everything from magnum rifle cartridges to pistol cartridges.

Easily Portable

If you’re the type of individual that wants to reload your cartridges on the go, you will love the Hornady Lock N Load Powder Measure. This product is very lightweight. In fact, it weighs less than 4 pounds! It is also very compact and therefore can be transported almost effortlessly. With this product, you will be able to load your cartridges from anywhere.

Notable Specifications

  • Weighs less than 4 pounds
  • Tension is adjustable
  • Works with small and large drop tubes
  • Can be mounted in several different ways
  • Inserts can be removed and changed with the push of a button
  • Measures grains from .5 to 265
  • Accuracy is nearly unparalleled

Overall Assessment

Truly, the Hornady Lock-N-Load Powder Measure is one of the most flexible products on the market. It is affordable, but it will prove to be a valuable asset to all marksmen. No matter what type of cartridge you’re trying to load, you can guarantee that this product will do the trick! Adding it to your arsenal is recommended.


Truly, you can greatly simplify your life by equipping yourself with the best powder measure on the market. Do not be fooled by the price tags for some of these products, because the most expensive is not always the best. Instead, you should carefully evaluate each product and use the information provided above to your advantage. By doing so, you will be able to increase the chance of getting the best measure for your money.


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