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The 5 Best Random Orbital Polisher In 2017 – Reviews & Buyer Guide

Best Random Orbital Polisher
Best Random Orbital Polisher

Locating The Best Random Orbital Polisher On The Market

Have you ever needed to polish a piece of metal? The best way to achieve this goal is by investing in a good orbital polisher. With one of these devices, you will be able to get the job done quickly and without sweating profusely. The best random orbital polisher will be electrical and therefore, it will be able to buff out the blemish within a matter of seconds. If you’re looking for an outstanding random orbital polisher, you will want to refer to the information provided below.

#1 PORTER-CABLE 7424XP 6-Inch Variable-Speed Polisher

PORTER-CABLE 7424XP 6-Inch Variable-Speed Polisher
PORTER-CABLE 7424XP 6-Inch Variable-Speed Polisher


Do you have a car or boat that you just love showing off? You probably like to polish and wash it every Friday to make sure that it looks good for the weekend. Of course, if you’ve got something that you are proud of you should show it off. However, washing polishing can be a lot of backbreaking work. If you are looking for a tool that can make life easier, you need to check out the PORTER-CABLE 7424XP Variable-Speed Polisher. At the asking price, this is truly an amazing tool that will make a great addition to any handyman’s garage.

Three-Year Limited Warranty

The first thing you have to notice about the tool is the three-year warranty. Anytime you invest your money into a product you want to make sure that you are getting your money’s worth. With this three-year warranty, you can truly rest assured that you are most certainly getting your money’s worth. Within the first three years of owning the tool is you experience any defects or faulty materials on the tool they will be replaced no questions asked.

The tool also comes along with a one-year service warranty. Within the first year of owning the tool, all repairs and replacements made by the manufacturer will come at no charge.

Lightweight Design

Polishing a car can take a lot of time, but the Porter Cable Variable Speed Polisher can greatly speed up the process. With a powerful 4.5 amp motor you will have the job done in twice the time that it would normally take. However, don’t let the powerful design fool you, because the polisher is designed to be completely lightweight. Only weighing in at just 5 ½ pounds, you can use the tool for hours on in without experiencing ant fatigue. The lightweight design also comes in for maneuverability purposes.

Includes Left of Right Side Handle

Upon the purchase of this product, you will receive a lot of accessories. Among these accessories will be the side handle. This side handle can be installed, so that the polisher can be used in both hands. This will give you more leverage when certain spots require more polishing than others. However, the unique thing about the handle is that it can be installed on either the right or the left side of the polisher. This makes the tool suitable for both left handed and right handed people.

Notable Specifications

  • Handle can be installed on either left or right side
  • Powerful 4.5 amp motor
  • Three-year limited warranty on workmanship
  • One-year service warranty on repairs
  • Variable speed motor
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Overall Assessment

If you have a vehicle that you like to pamper and show off, then there is no better way to do so than with the Porter Cable Variable Speed Polisher. This tool will polish your vehicle and make the paint look like it did the day you bought the vehicle.

#2 Griot’s Garage 10813STDCRD 6″ Random Orbital Polisher

Griot's Garage 10813STDCRD 6" Random Orbital Polisher with 10' Cord
Griot’s Garage 10813STDCRD 6″ Random Orbital Polisher with 10′ Cord


If you have recently been in the market for a good orbital polisher you have probably noticed that there are tons of different makes and models available. Some of these makes come along with different sized motors, some come along with variable speed motors, and of course, the prices vary on all of them. It goes without saying, that this can make shopping for a polisher very difficult even for the most experienced handyman. So, if you are in the market for a good orbital polisher, you need to check out the Griot’s Garage 10813STDCRD Random Orbital Polisher.

Includes 10-Feet Power Cord

When polishing your vehicle, you have to maneuver yourself all around the vehicle while making sure you have enough electrical cable to reach every spot of the vehicle. This sometimes can be a problem if you have a polisher with a short power cable. You might have to waste 10 to 20 minutes to go look for an extension cable. However, thanks to the extra-long 10-feet power cable that is included with the Griot’s Garage 10813STDCRD, you shouldn’t never run into this problem as long as the outlet is reasonably close to your vehicle.

Utilizes Low Speed, Low Heat

One of the most remarkable things about the Griot’s Garage 10813STDCRD is the way it operates. This polisher comes equipped with a very powerful variable speed 850-Watt motor. Thanks to the way that it operates you never have to worry about burning through your paint. The motor operates on a low speed, low heat configuration, but still provides the speed and power you need to polish your vehicle in half the time that it would normally take.

Six-Positional Adjustable Handle

Located on the back of the Griot’s Garage 10813STDCRD you will notice a handle. This is a rubberized six-position handle that gives users total control over the tool. The handle can be adjusted to six different positions to not only offer more control, but also offer comfort for extended tasks.

Notable Specifications

  • Six positional handle offer control and comfort
  • Uses low speed, low heat to not burn through paint
  • Powerful 850-Watt variable speed motor
  • Extra-long 10-feet power cable

Overall Assessment

Shopping for a polisher in today’s market can be quite the challenge. That was until you came across the Griot’s Garage 10813STDCRD Sander. While this polisher comes with features that can be found on the more expensive tools, it only costs just a fraction of the more expensive polishers.

#3 Bosch 3727DEVS 3.3 Amp 6-Inch Random-Orbit Variable-Speed Sander

Bosch 3727DEVS 3.3 Amp 6-Inch Hook-and-Loop Random-Orbit Variable-Speed Sander/Polisher with Dust Canister
Bosch 3727DEVS 3.3 Amp 6-Inch Hook-and-Loop Random-Orbit Variable-Speed Sander/Polisher with Dust Canister


It really does not matter if you are a professional detailer or a do it yourself type person. There is a great chance that you have heard of the Bosch name. Bosch has been creating tough tools for the tough working individuals for years now. Their commitment and dedication has only increased their ability to produce more durable and more reliable tools. All of that dedication and hard work went into the creation of the Bosch 3727DEVS. Installed with a powerful 3.3 AMP variable speed motor, you won’t have a problem polishing your vehicle back to new.

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Dust Canister

If you have never polished a vehicle, before then you just might not know how messy it can be. It can produce quite the amount of dust type debris. This is why the Bosch 3727DEVS comes equipped with an intergraded dust canister. This dust canister will capture all of the debris and ensure that you have a quick cleanup process once you are done polishing.

More Control

Thanks to the variable speed motor, users have more control than ever before. This is important because not every project requires a full speed polish or sand job, where as there are some that do. This feature allows users to demand the exact amount of speed that they need for each job to ensure that it gets done right the first time around. The speed can be adjusted anywhere from 4,500 to 12,000 OPM. Along with this the tool only weights a lightweight 5.2 pounds, so users can easily control the tool for longer periods of time with ease.

Reduces Swirl Marks

Whether you are dealing with wood or automotive paint, swirling can sometimes become a large problem. In fact, this is one of the reasons that most people acquire a sander or polisher. Wood and paint will just swirl over time and there really is much that you can do about that. However, you might be happy to learn that the Bosch 3727DEVS was built with a pad-dampening braking system. This system was designed to greatly reduce these swirl marks.

Notable Specifications

  • Designed to stop swirls.
  • Variable speed motor gives users more control
  • Integrated canister system makes cleanup super easy
  • Ergonomic soft-grip body
  • Lightweight design
  • One-year warranty

Overall Assessment

Bosch is a well-respected name in the tool community. They have become known for producing tough tools for the tough working individual, and the creation of the Bosch 3727DEVS was no different. This is an extremely powerful tool than can get the tough jobs done.

#4 TORQ BUF501X 10FX Random Orbital Polisher Kit

TORQ BUF501X 10FX Random Orbital Polisher Kit (Polisher + 9 Items)
TORQ BUF501X 10FX Random Orbital Polisher Kit (Polisher + 9 Items)


If you haven’t notice over time your vehicle will develop tiny scratches in the paint. If not taken care of properly and in a timely manner these scratches will get deeper and worse. This is where a polisher can come in handy. Polishers will remover the paint by microns of an inch to level out the surface and remove the scratches.

However, if you are really looking to take your detail work to the next level, you need to give the TORQ BUF501X 10FX Sander a chance. This tool was designed with the professional and everyday users in mind. While providing great quality and features that the professional can get behind it is still easy enough for the novice user to operate with ease.

Includes A Variety Of Accessories

The thing about this product is that it is actually a kit. While you might end up paying a little more for it you will receive tons of more accessories in return. So, at the end of the day you are actually getting more than your money’s worth. Up on the purchase of this product you will receive two five-inch backing plates, three five and half-inch pads, two four-ounce compounds, and two four-ounce polishes. This kit literally comes along with everything that you could possibly need to get started improving the look of your car or boat.

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Precision Speed And Control

This innovative product was designed to complete any job with precision and power regardless of how daunting the task. With the digital display screen users, can easily and quickly see the speed at which they are running. Along with this, the speed control buttons give users complete and total control over the speed of the machine.

Notable Specifications

  • Digital display shows the speed the motor is running
  • Speed controls let user control the speed
  • Includes a variety of different accessories
  • Lightweight design ensures comfort over long operation times
  • Smooth power distribution provides easy start up

Overall Assessment

If you are truly looking to take your detailing skills to the next level, you have to check out the TORQ BUF501X 10FX Orbital Sander. This tool is a must have for any detail enthusiasts.

#5 Flex XC3401VRG Positive-Drive Rotary-Orbital Polisher

Flex XC3401VRG Positive-Drive Rotary-Orbital Polisher
Flex XC3401VRG Positive-Drive Rotary-Orbital Polisher


With an 8mm movement and a 10-feet power cord, this Flex XC3401VRG Polisher is a must have for any detailing professional. The power cord allows users to easily and freely move around their vehicle while polishing it. Whether you are a professional or a weekend polisher, you cannot go wrong with this amazing little tool.

Safety Features Protect Motor

The Flex Company greatly believes in protecting and securing the integrity of their motors. That is why the polisher is equipped with several different safety features to protect the motor in event on failure. However, the most notable safety feature is the carbon brushes wear down safety. In the event that the carbon brushes wear down, the unit will shut off to prevent damage to the motor.

Notable Specifications

  • 10-foot power cord
  • 8mm movement
  • Safety features protect the motor
  • Powerful model can handle massive loads
  • Permanent direct drive ensures even polished surface

Overall Assessment

Whether you are a professional or a novice, you can greatly benefit from this amazing and innovative tool. It works flawlessly, when sanding both hardwood and softwood.


Finding a good random orbital polisher can be far more difficult than you could ever imagine. You’ll need to consider the product’s horsepower, versatility, and price. You’ll also want to look closely at the warranty provided with the polisher in question. Before making a decision, you should most certainly rely on the information above.


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