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The 4 Best Scope For Marlin 336 Rifle In 2017 – Reviews & Buyer Guide

Best Scope For Marlin 336 Rifle
Best Scope For Marlin 336 Rifle

Locating The Best Scope For Marlin 336 Rifle Owners

Over the past few years, the Marlin 336 rifles have managed to cement themselves as some of the best firearms on the market. These rifles tend to be enormously reliable, superbly powerful and suitable for almost any application. If you happen to be lucky enough to own one of these rifles, you will want to enhance its performance enormously by investing in the best scope for Marlin 336 rifles. With the right scope, you will be able to step out into the field with total confidence knowing you’ll hit your target more often than not.

Finding the best scope for Marlin 336 rifle owners can be a little trickier than you might imagine. If you want to skip the hassle and quickly locate a great scope, you should browse through the recommendations and reviews found below.

#1 Nikon ProStaff 2-7×32 Riflescope (Nikoplex)

Nikon ProStaff 2-7 x 32 Black Matte Riflescope (Nikoplex)
Nikon ProStaff 2-7 x 32 Black Matte Riflescope (Nikoplex)


It truly doesn’t matter if you are a scope aficionado or a newbie choosing the perfect scope for your rifle can be difficult. The reason for this is because there are so many different options that you have to choose from. Some cost more than others, some include more features, and some come along with a lifetime warranty. Regardless, of what you decided on when you start looking you discover all kinds of new options.

Well, Nikon has been in the optics business for quite a while now and they have become well respected for their unique and powerful designed scopes. Not only do their scope provide users with pinpoint accuracy and beauty, but that are always a step ahead of the completion. The same thing applies for their newly designed Nikon ProStaff 2-7 x 32 Riflescope. Just take a look at everything that this amazing product has to offer.

Fully Multi-Coated Optics

When hunting or shooting outside, you never know what the sun or weather is going to do and this is why is pays to be prepared. Not only do you have to be prepared, but you need equipment that is adaptable, as well. With the fully multi-coated optics that comes installed on the Nikoplex you will always be prepared for whatever the day or night brings. The fully multi-coated optics lens provides up to 98% light transmission and maximum brightness regardless of the time of the day.

Quick Adjustments And Maintains Settings

The thing about hunting is that you never know when your target is going to show and where it is going to show. It could appear right in front of you or it could appear 100 yards away. Whatever the situation is you need to be ready to adapt and the Nikon ProStaff 2-7 x 32 Riflescope can help you do just that. With the precise and quick ¼ MOA hand adjustments you can easily and quickly adjust the wind and elevation of your scope.

Along with this, the scope comes equipped with a positive click reticle, which maintains your scopes setting even under the harshest recoil conditions. When dealing with lesser scopes the adjustments can get thrown off or reset when dealing with harsh recoil, which means you will have to readjust after every single shot. However, that is something that users never have to worry about with the Nikopolex Scope.

Fog Proof And Waterproof Design

As already mentioned when you are outside you can never tell what the weather is going to do. However, with the Nikon ProStaff Riflescope it really doesn’t matter, because this scope was designed to adapt to any situation. Upon constructed of the scope the tube was purged and filled with nitrogen gas to ensure that it would never fog up in wet or damp condition. Along with this the scope comes equipped with super heavy-duty o rings, which ensures a drop of water will never see the inside of the scope.

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2 To 7x Magnification

Another amazing thing about the scope is that it offers users 2 to 7x magnifications. It doesn’t matter if you are shooting close up or far away the scope will adapt to either situation.

Notable Specifications

  • 2 to 7x magnification
  • 32 Millimeter objective lens
  • Fog proof and waterproof design
  • Fully multi-coated optics provide perfect lighting for any situation
  • Handy eye relief that protects your brow from recoil
  • Quick focus eyepiece ensures quick and accurate target acquisition
  • Positive click reticle ensures you never have to readjust the scope after shooting

Overall Assessment

It really doesn’t matter what the woods or weather throw at you, because with the Nikon ProStaff 2-7 x 32 Riflescope, you will truly be prepared for any situation. Along with this, the scope is affordable for the average hunter and comes with features that can be found on more expensive scopes.

#2 M1SURPLUS Tactical 3-9X40 Illuminated Compact Scope

M1SURPLUS Present This Exclusive Tactical 3-9x40 illuminated Compact Scope With Ring Mounts
M1SURPLUS Present This Exclusive Tactical 3-9×40 illuminated Compact Scope With Ring Mounts


A quality scope should not break the bank, just to provide the avid hunter or marksman the necessities to achieve accuracy. The M1SURPLUS Tactical 3-9×40 Illuminated Compact Scope is not only affordable, but also crafted to perfection, with a matte finish. The one-piece main tube ensures a more durability and a longer service life. The scope is actually built to withstand normal use, recoil and shock, plus it will stay zeroed in, even after many hours of shooting.

Compatibility Options

The mount is compatible with both Picatinny and Weaver style rails. It is constructed out of lightweight aluminum materials, with a matte finish and measures in at 4-3/4 inches in length. It is important to note that most the Weaver style rail will accept most 7/8” Picatinny and Weaver style scopes and rings. The low profile design will prevent visibility obstruction and keep your optics in a low ergonomic position.

Easy Installation Process

The M1SURPLUS Tactical Scope requires is very easy to install, but the rifle must be drilled and tapped with 4 screw holes. These holes are required for attaching the mount to the rifle. If your weapon does not have these screw holes, you may want to take it to a gun shop. While some people will drill and tap the holes into their rifle, others will not feel comfortable doing it.

Sight-In Process

If you are a beginner, you may not be familiar with how to sight-in a scope that is installed on a rifle. Once the installation process is complete, you will need to sight-in the scope. The M1SURPLUS Scope is extremely easy to sight-in and it does not require a hammer extender, even with the mount the extreme rear position.

Compact Design

The compact design will not alter the image like one would think. The shorter length actually means that a different curvature lenses was utilized to achieve the same result as a longer scope. The lens stop ring and not the length of the scope will determine the field of view. Many hunters prefer a shorter scope for a short-barreled rifle.

Notable Specifications

  • 40 Millimeter objective diameter
  • FOV – 26.2’ at 100 yards
  • Weighs only 11.3 ounces
  • 9 Inches in length
  • 7 level of illumination brightness
  • Multi coated lens to reduce reflections
  • Easy installation process
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Overall Assessment

The M1SURPLUS Tactical 3-9×40 Illumination Scope is a great replacement for damaged compact scopes. The scope is extremely easy to zero in and keeps zero, even on high-recoil. The scope withstands recoil and shock nicely and for the price you cannot beat it.

#3 Vortex Optics Crossfire II 3 – 9x40mm Riflescope

Vortex Optics Crossfire II 3 - 9x40mm Riflescope
Vortex Optics Crossfire II 3 – 9x40mm Riflescope


When most hunters or target shooters are shopping for a scope, they oftentimes have to compromise because of their budget. In most cases, they really can’t afford the scope they truly want because all the features that it includes, so they end up settling with a lesser scope that they are never happy with. However, that is the case no longer with the truly amazing Vortex Optics Crossfire II 3 – 9x40mm Riflescope. This scope was designed for the average user and includes the most advanced features that would only be found on the most expensive scopes on the market.

Quick And Easy Reticle Focus

When you are out in the woods you never know what type of adjustments you are going to have to make. Maybe your prey walks right in front of you, or maybe you see it from 100 feet out. Whatever situation arises, you need to be prepared and able to adapt to it. The Vortex Optics Crossfire Riflescope truly was built to be adaptable in these types of situations. The scope comes equipped with a fast focus eyepiece, which allows users to easily and quickly adjust to reticle in the field.

Constructed Of Durable Material

The Vortex Optics Riflescope was built with performance, durability, and affordability in mind. The tube of this scope is constructed with aircraft grade aluminum. When you think of all the pressure and stress that and aircraft is under while it is in the sky it is a pretty amazing achievement that it doesn’t blow apart. Well, this scope is constructed of that same aluminum material, which pretty much guarantees that it is going to stand up to anything you come across in the wilderness.

Maintains Adjustments Under Heavy Recoil

One of things that most shooters and hunters complain about is the constant adjusting of the scope. This is especially true if you are using a gun with heavy recoil. However, with the Vortex Optics Crossfire II 3 – 9x40mm Riflescope this is something that you never have to worry about. The scope was designed with precise and durable equipment that will hold adjustments regardless of the recoil of the gun. In fact, you can also zero the scope in and slam it against the ground and it will not lose its adjustments.

Notable Specifications

  • Made from aircraft-grade aluminum for top durability
  • Offers 3x to 9x magnification
  • Fast Focus Eye Pieces makes target acquisition quick and easy
  • Waterproof and suitable for all weather conditions
  • Long eye relief for a more comfortable shot
  • Dead-Hold BDC Reticle
  • Never loses zero

Overall Assessment

The Vortex Optics Crossfire II Riflescope is downright magnificent. It might be affordable, but it will make you a much better hunter while simultaneously making your hunting sessions far more enjoyable. The scope offers a great eye relief and doesn’t have to be zeroed in frequently. Truly, this rifle scope could easily be considered a steal.

#4 Leupold Rifleman 4-12x40mm Matte Scope

Leupold Rifleman 3-9x40mm (1") Wide Duplex Reticle, Matte Black Riflescope - 56160
Leupold Rifleman 3-9x40mm (1″) Wide Duplex Reticle, Matte Black Riflescope – 56160


Over the past few years, Leupold has gained a lot of popularity among avid marksmen. The company’s scopes tend to rank near the top of the list for durability, accuracy and ease of use. This is truly no coincidence and you will find this out firsthand, by checking out the company’s Rifleman 4-12x40mm Scope. This scope is truly unlike anything else on the market and its durability is nearly unmatched. The Wide Duplex reticle will give you the reassurance that you’re right on target. Below, you’ll learn a great deal more about this specific rifle scope.

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Great For All Weather Conditions

It would be totally pointless to invest in a rifle scope that wasn’t suitable at certain times of the day. You’ll never experience a problem whatsoever, when you invest in the Leupold Rifleman Scope. This scope is rugged enough to be reliable during the morning, dusk and even in rainy conditions. The scope features a fully coated lens system. This unique system will give the user a bright and clear view in any type of lighting. Also, the scope is waterproof. If you feel like hunting in the rain, this scope will easily accommodate this desire!

Magnification And Reticle

When looking for the best scope for Marlin 336, you will want to put a lot of emphasis on the magnification and reticle. This scope satisfies in both categories. First and foremost, the scope offers magnifications ranging from 4x to 12x. Whether you’re interested in shooting from a closer distance or want to pick off your prey from hundreds of yards away, this scope will prove to be a valuable asset. At the same time, the scope features a Wide Duplex reticle. This combination will ultimately enhance your confidence, boost your accuracy and make you a happy hunter.

Magnificent Warranty

One of the best aspects of the Leupold Rifleman is the scope’s amazing durability and longevity. Truly, it is hard to find another scope that offers the same degree of reassurance as this rifle scope. This scope comes with a full lifetime warranty. This helps to ensure that you’ll be able to utilize this scope for the long run. If anything goes wrong in the future, you can guarantee the Leupold will step up, honor their warranty, and make rectifications right away.

Notable Specifications

  • Features a beautiful 40mm objective lens
  • Magnification from 4x to 12x
  • Very effective Wide Duplex reticle
  • Windage and elevation adjustments are effortless to make
  • Dials offer ½-MOA increments
  • Fully coated lens system ensures a clear, beautiful picture regardless of the lighting condition
  • Waterproof and suitable for all weather conditions
  • Protected by a lifetime warranty

Overall Assessment

Truly, it is hard to go wrong with the Leupold Rifleman 4-12x40mm Scope. This scope is nearly flawless in all major categories. It is suitable for all applications, always accurate and protected by a lifetime warranty. As an avid hunter, you truly couldn’t ask for anything more.


You might believe your Marlin 336 Rifle couldn’t get any better, but this isn’t true. You just need to find the best scope for Marlin 336 as soon as possible. Carefully analyze each scope’s magnification capabilities, its eye relief and the warranty. Then, try to choose the most reliable rifle that you can realistically afford. Also, make sure you utilize the reviews found above to your benefit. By doing so, you will be able to find a great scope that proves to well worth your money.


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