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The 9 Best Shopping Cart Covers In 2017 – Reviews & Buyer Guide

Protect Your Children From Germs : Get The Best Shopping Cart Covers

 Shopping carts are filled with all kinds of germs and are the last objects you want your child to come into contact with. If you were one of the people that mistakenly believe that shopping cart covers are an unnecessary item, it is time to change that perception and take a step to protect your loved ones’ health.

1 – Summer Infant 2-in-1 Cushy Cart Cover and Seat Positioner


The summer infant 2-in-1 is a very comfortable and cushy cart cover and is one of the best shopping cart covers that we’re going to review in this list.

It comes equipped with several features that ensure your baby’s comfort and safety.  It is easily folded into the size of a small bag and is compatible with most store carts and high chairs. Another convenient characteristic of this cover is the fact that it is machine washable.

It has a removable bolster that help props younger babies safely and provides support on both sides of their bodies. The bolster can be removed as the child grows and is able to sit without a prop.  The extra pillow comes in handy when your baby is too small to fit in the seat as it tightens the space all while making it more cozy and comfortable.

Other useful and practical features include a vinyl pocket that is designed to protect your cell phone when you’re playing with the child and two loops where you can hang toys to keep your baby occupied.

2 –  Infantino Compact 2-in-1 Shopping Cart Cover



The Infantino Compact 2-in-1 is made out of polyester fiber and is compatible with most major retail store carts and serves as a high chair cover. It is delicate to the touch and has a fashionable design. It folds into a small bag-size making it easily transportable while taking very little space for storing. It is machine washable and holds up for a long time.

It boasts many convenient features that guarantee your baby’s safety and comfort. The Infantino comes with a removable seatbelt that secures the child and saves you the hassle of trying to integrate the one attached to the shopping cart. It also includes 2 fabric loops where toys can be put and a Sippy cup strap that keeps drinks within close reach.

This cover is perfect for babies over 6/7 months old since by that age they are increasingly able to sit on their own. The lack of an extra prop or cushion to support the body might make it unsuitable and even unsafe for younger babies.

3 – Crocnfrog 2-in-1 Shopping Cart Cover 



The Crocnfgrog 2-in-1 Shopping cart cover is exceptionally soft with a stylish polka dot design and is made out of premium quality polyester fabric, all at a relatively cheap price. It has several key features that contribute to your baby’s comfort and safety and is designed to provide whole coverage. It is easily foldable, washable, and fits most standard sized carts.

The cover is equipped with 3 loops where you can place the baby’s toys. On top of that, you also have an extra pocket that enables you to bring more items for the baby or place some of your belongings. It includes a seat belt for extra safety in case you have trouble using the cart’s belt. At it is the case with the Infantino compact, this cover is better suited for babies over 6 months old due to the lack of a bolster that would help propping them.

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The manufacturer guarantees 100 % customer satisfaction and offers a 3 month warranty.

4 – Shopping Cart Cover for Baby or Toddler | 2-in-1 High Chair Cover



This shopping cart cover has extra soft padding and is 100 % made out of top quality polyester. The design is a simple gray and white pattern suited for both girls and boys. It is easily folded into compact pouch and retains its texture after multiple washings. The installation process is very straightforward and requires no tying thanks to the elastic band and Velcro.

It has the standard features you would expect from similarly priced covers.  The extra loops where toys can be put to distract the child while you do you’re shopping, 2 small pockets where you can put snacks and additional toys, and a large one where you can place your phone and other essentials. A see through pocket gives you the option of sliding your phone in it to entertain your child with his favorite cartoons.

Special care was made to ensure the baby’s safety by adding Velcro closures on the cover’s sides and leg holes.

5 – Boppy Shopping Cart and High Chair Cover



The Boppy shopping cart is made out of polyester and cotton, it can be installed on most shopping carts and high chairs, and is machine washable. While it doesn’t easily fold and lacks the compactness of other products in this list, it more than makes up for it with an array of features that provide comfort, security, and entertainment for the baby.

The safety strap is tight enough to hold the baby in place while the cushiness of the cover makes it so that the child doesn’t feel constricted at the same time. The extra large sizing gives it 360 degree coverage and renders it adjustable to any type of cart.

A minor problem we have noticed with this cover is the fact that the belt can’t be used properly on some carts and high chairs. This will necessitate using the belt attached to the shopping cart/chair and putting the baby in contact with the very thing the cover is supposed to separate him from.

6 –  Infantino Play and Away Cart Cover and Play Mat



The Infantino Play and Away cart is a colorfully designed cover that serves multiple purposes; a padded and soft shopping cover, a high chair cover, and a play mat for toys. It comes with 4 removable toys (Crinkle lion rattle panda, signature teether and 2 CLICK and clack rings). Additionally, it has a pocket where the parents can place some of their belongings.

The cover is washing machine safe and is made out of good quality, resistant fabric.

Placing this cover can prove a daunting task on some carts as it doesn’t always wrap around the edges, leaving the baby in contact with the cart handle.  At times you’ll be required to adjust it manually as it often comes unstuck from some high chairs and carts that weren’t compatible.

7 – Lumiere Shopping Cart Cover



The Lumiere shopping cart cover is a very cozy and well made product that offers great comfort to your baby thanks to its smooth polyester fabric and extra soft padding. It is easy to roll into a fashionable pouch that can be carried in a diaper bag and is advertised as being 100 % machine washable.

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The installation process is made easy thanks to the elastic band and the Velcro on the sides and around the baby’s legs holes. This set up enables the cover to fit on all carts and saves you the inconvenience of dealing with strap installation.

It is very secure and comes with an adjustable harness. The Velcro that surrounds the cover’s legs holes serves as a shield that prevents the baby from touching the cart handle and the ones on the side prevent him from removing the cover. It essentially provides whole body coverage.

Several features were added to keep the baby occupied and make your shopping less stressful. It has two loops where you can put toys and a see through Velcro where you can place your phone to keep your child entertained.

The manufacturer promises complete satisfaction and offers a life time warranty.

8 – Shopping Cart Covers for Baby and High Chair Cover from Kiddlets



This shopping cart cover from Kiddlets is made with top notch silky fabric and allows your baby maximum comfort and protection from germs. It can be installed on high chairs and on most carts including the double seated ones. The design consists of patterns and colors that are fitting for both sexes, and the stain resistant cloth is 100% machine washable.

The cover is easily installed by tying 4 sets of strings to the cart while an adjustable locking strap tightly secures it to the handle. The baby’s movement is further restricted with an adaptable harness that helps keep him fully supported. On top of the safety measures it provides, it has ample space where the parents can put their essentials, 3 fabric loops that are designed for hanging toys, and pacifier rings to keep the baby occupied while you shop.

The quality of this product is trusted enough by the seller that a risk free guarantee is offered.

9 – Milliard Shopping Cart Cover



The Milliard Shopping Cart Cover is a noticeable upgrade from the previous version as this newer model comes equipped with all the safety and coziness qualities that are needed. It is made out of machine washable polyester fiberfill and has a colorful unisex design.

The installation merely requires stretching the elastic edges over the handlebar and strapping the safety belt. It can accommodate up to 30in, making it compatible with the majority of shopping carts.

The seating area is 14 x 6¼ inches and includes extra padding to ensure that the baby is relaxed and secure.  Pockets to the side of the cover can be used to store snacks or place toys that divert your child’s attention when you are pushing the cart.

One potential issue with this cover is the fact that it feels a little fragile to the touch and doesn’t seem like it was made to last very long.

What Should You Pay Attention To When Looking For The Best Shopping Cart Covers?


When it comes to your baby’s health and security, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than the best. Avoid cheap covers made out of low quality fabric that won’t only fail to provide comfort, but will surely expose him to the various germs found on shopping carts. These low end models often lack the minimum security features and could physically endanger your child when suddenly come off the handlebar.

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Before making a purchase, make sure not to neglect these necessary aspects:


The main component that decides the comfort level that the cover will provide is the quality of the fabric. Always opt for polyester fiberfill and cotton.


The cover needs to be compact and easily foldable into a pouch in order to facilitate its portability and storage.

Easy Installation

A good cart cover should be practical easy to install with little effort.  The ones that come with elastic edges are generally easier to place on the handlebar than the covers that require strapping and tying numerous strings.

Safety Features

Sometimes you will have trouble incorporating the belts attached to the cart to the cover, so the one you purchase should come with its own belt. The cover should also have Velcro on the sides to firmly keep it attached on the handlebar.


Keeping the baby happy and quiet can prove a difficult and stressful task at times. The cover can sometimes exacerbate this issue by making the child feel constricted and tied up.  A good cover will include extra features that are designed to ease this problem. Fabrics loops where you can hang the child’s favorite toys are a necessity and a Velcro see through pocket where you can put your phone and entertain your baby will definitely help improve your shopping experience.

Finally, the Amazon customer section has some in depth reviews that can help you decide which cart cover is the most suited for you.


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