Kelty Coyote 80 Review – Cheap And Durable

Kelty Coyote 80 Review


Whether you are going on a day trip, a hike or just stepping out for some fun sports, you need to carry a lot of your things that are required for the day. Unless you have the perfect backpack, carrying your things in an organised manner is out of the question. While you want the perfectly sized bag with a lot of admirable features, you don’t want to break the bank to own that bag. An inexpensive, well designed, durable backpack is what everyone needs. Read this Kelty Coyote 80 review and you will know why this is the perfect bag for you.

Features And Specifications

  • Convertible sling bag for convenience
  • Large pockets with organisers in the front to keep your things in place
  • Aluminum back support to carry heavy weight
  • External hoops to attach other equipments for your trek or hike
  • Straps to help lift the bag’s weight off your back
  • You can access the front panel easily and store things
  • Adjustable height to suit different people
  • The bag measures 34x17x14 inches
  • The bag has a huge capacity of 80 litres
  • It is on the heavier side, weighing 2.4kgs

Is This The Bag For You?


The top of the bag can be removed and used as a separate sling bag when you don’t want to haul the whole bag with you. Decided to step out for a walk from your camp? Detach the top part of the bag and carry just the thing you need.

Multiple Pockets

A bag with many pockets allows you to keep all your things in a much organized manner. Not only will you not have designated pockets for important things, but you can access them quickly too, as you don’t have to rummage through all the things in the bag. The side pockets have zips, and hence you can keep your things safe and not worry about them falling out unnoticed.

Large Pockets

The pockets are large and spacious. The front pockets are easily accessible and you can store multiple things in them as they have an in built organiser. There will be many things you will require at different times, during your trip. With this bag, you don’t have to open the main compartment every time.

Comfortable Back Panel

The bag is fitted with an air mesh panel at the back to facilitate ventilation. This ensures you don’t sweat too much due to the bag’s weight resting on your back. The dual light beam aluminum stays supports the back of the user and ensures one doesn’t suffer from aches due to wearing the bag for long hours.

Support Straps

The number of straps on the bag helps you to carry the load without it weighing on your back. The hip and side compression straps ensure the weight is distributed and the items in the bag don’t juggle around.


The suspension of the bag can be adjusted according to the user’s height. This makes it a great option for growing kids. You can adjust the height of the bag according to the height of the user.

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Top Loading

You can go on adding things to the bag as you accumulate stuff. Since it is a top loading bag, it is easy to stuff in things.

Multiple Loops

The loops on the bag enable you to carry equipment like ice axe, trekking pole, etc. When you have external attachment loops, you don’t have to carry them in your hand when it is not being used.

Hydration Access

When you are out trekking or hiking, you need constant hydration. Stopping and pulling out your bottle every time is not very convenient, especially if your trekking trail is steep or slippery. In such cases, you need direct access to your water, without having to stop or use your hands. This bag has hydration access, to ensure you never get dehydrated.

Handle To Carry

There are times when you can’t wear this huge bag. When you are sitting on a winch or moving the bag somewhere, you need to carry it. With two handles on this bag, you can easily carry it.

Tough Fabric

The fabric used to make this bag is sturdy and long lasting. This makes it just the right choice for kids as they cannot be expected to handle the bags with care. A tough fabric is also good for outdoor activities as you don’t want any tears in the bag.


  • Top loading means more space and easier to stuff things when you are in a hurry
  • Multiple pockets allows you to carry many things, well organized
  • Mesh pockets on the side to carry bottles and the hydration access to ensure you are always well hydrated
  • Compression straps to hold the weight in and not let your back suffer
  • Adjustable straps to suit different heights and last as you get taller
  • Tough fabric and adjustable height – just perfect for a growing kid


  • Too heavy a bag
  • Not very comfortable to carry for long periods, when fully loaded
  • No pockets in the hip belt or shoulder straps


The Kelty Coyote 80 reviews by many customers are highly positive and the bag is favoured by many for its durability. Made out of tough material that can last through rough handling is just the kind of bags required, not just by growing kids, but even by those who are out trekking and need something sturdy that can endure rough handling.

The adjustability factor makes this bag, a value for money buy. Amazon customers have given this bag a very high rating and the reviews are majorly positive. These reviews are from the customers who have used it personally, hence giving you an honest opinion about the bag, so that you can decide if this will suit your need. With the Kelty Coyote 80 review, one can easily choose the bag for their outdoor trips, sports activities, etc. This bag is cheap, tough and definitely worth your money!

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