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Cedros Spinning Reel Review
 Cedros Spinning Reel Review
Cedros Spinning Reel


Fishing is an extremely fun and seemingly simple activity. It’s one of those pleasures of life which is exciting and easy to its adherents, but equally baffling to a few others. Success in fishing or a bad day in fishing is not entirely dependent on luck, but also on the right equipment used for fishing. This is where the Okuma Cedros spinning reel will be the answer to all your fishing woes and make your fishing experience an enjoyable and fruitful one to cherish.

Spinning reels or fishing reels are an important part of your fishing equipment. They are cylindrical appliances attached to a fishing rod used in winding and stowing the line and used in angling and casting as well. Spinning reels need to be fast and smooth, backed by good strength to pull weights. The Okuma Cedros spinning reel fulfils these requirements and exceeds expectations with its fluid performance backed by formidable strength. This is a device built with thoughtful technology and is very adaptable and convenient to use.

Features and Specifications:

  • A solid strong diecast aluminium body and rotor (ALC) lends stability and durability to the Okuma Cedros spinning reel.
  • The Dual Force Drag System provides for extreme stopping power.
  • The multi-disc, Japanese oiled felt drag system makes this Cedros reel very efficient.
  • The Elliptical Oscillation system is patented because it provides 2 speed transmission and a wide and even line lay.
  • Corrosion resistant coating process (CRC) ensures the Okuma’s adaptability to salt water.
  • Narrow blade body design reduces tiredness and fatigue from holding the reel for too long.
  • The Cedros spinning reel has a high density gearing (HDGII) system. The gear ratio at 6:2:1 lends strength, stability and reliability

What makes the Okuma Cedros spinning reel an essential for fishing?


Precision dual force drag system

The dual force drag system baits fish, stopping them in their tracks, and gives a real smooth hassle-free drag. Fishing reels should make a 90degree angle, when the line rolls out of the spool through the line roller to the fishing rod. This 90degree angle will put some line areas under pressure and may cause a few knots.

The purpose of the dual force drag is to keep the line smooth and use the empty underside of the fishing reel to provide a large drag surface area which will dissipate the heat and evenly distribute the pressure on both sides of the spool making the whole drag-system stable. This gives the Okuma spinning reel an extremely smooth and balanced stopping power.

High density gearing

The high-density gearing is corrosion resistant. It is designed for salt water use and built sturdy for rough and tough usage of the internal gear system. This makes it adaptable to any unpredictable fishing scenario. The high -density gearing has the perfect gear ratio (6:2:1) and has the optimum mix of speed, power and durability.

Rigid, diecast-aluminium frame (ALC)

The Okuma spinning reel features a rigid diecast aluminium frame and side-plate. These come with a coating which is corrosion resistant and apt for salt water fishing also. Aluminium is a strong metal when compared to other materials like graphite or magnesium.

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Elliptical oscillation system

This feature is considered to be a unique selling proposition of the Cedros spinning reel and is patented too. This system provides a two-speed transmission and an even line lay. The elliptically shaped gears provide a wide and adequate line lay, which allows for smooth spool strokes and discards the possibility of the spool jumping off the line. The line capacity of 380/10, 340/10 and 240/15 (yards/lb) provides for the wide line lay.

QuickSet Anti-Reverse Roller Bearings

The Okuma uses a quick-set, anti-reverse, corrosion-resistant stainless steel roller bearing (4HPB+1RB). This engages the reel in one direction and ensures instant handle management because it eradicates the possibility of back play or reversing in unwarranted circumstances.

Machined – Aluminium Anodized Spool

This is a two-tone anodized and ported spool which can support a large test line.

Anodized Machined Aluminium Handle

Aluminium is a very durable and strong material and yet so lightweight. The Okuma reel comes with an aluminium handle very convenient to hold and is very effective in pulling the line back onto the spool.


  • The Okuma spinning reel is designed for brackish waters.
  • It provides stability even in deep water fishing environments.
  • The price is a huge plus especially when compared to the number of unique features that it offers.
  • The smooth gearing and wide line lay make this reel an effective one to catch fish with.
  • The styling is trendy and the reel is very convenient to carry around.
  • The reviews for the reel show that it is successful even with the big fish and has a feel-good appeal to it.


  • The metal parts may not hold good when continuously exposed to salt waters.
  • If you’re left-handed then you will need to change the configuration from right to left and this is not a simple and straight forward procedure. It requires the use of tools like a crescent wrench and a small blade screw-driver.

Concluding thoughtsabout the Okuma spinning reel

The Okuma Cedros spinning reel is one of the best spinning reels in its price range. This spinning reel is high on features and low in price. Several fishing reels in the market in this price category do not even come up to the standard of the Okuma spinning reel. It is a rugged device very well suited for deep water jigging and salt water fishing and built to battle the big fish.

The Okuma reel provides good technological solutions to the basic problems of spinning reel devices when used in different fishing environments. This fishing reel provides speedy action techniques and is styled very well. This is an equipment that makes fishing exciting. The good quality materials and dynamic design and reliability makes the Okuma reel a favourite among the fishing enthusiasts. Several customer reviews indicate that they have had a good success in catching several fish, big, small and heavy with the use of the Okuma Cedros reel.

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